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Trivia Crack Coins GuideCoins are only used for power ups in Trivia Crack and can be a little tricky to get a hold of sometimes. After building up a large amount winning matches can be a lot easier if spent correctly. I wait until I’m on the last question before obtaining a character. This works good for me, but others probably have different tactics. Trivia games are my strong suit. For more info visit our Trivia Crack Wiki & Guide, find Trivia Crack on Google Play Free or get the Premium Version.

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Trivia Crack Coin Info

Getting Trivia Crack Coins Guide

Achievements - This is the cheapest and easiest way to get coins. Some achievements can take a very long time however. The longer the time the bigger the prize though.

App Store – This will probably be a last resort for most as coins will cost real money. The more bought at one time the better the deal. So if you think your gonna be throwing a ton of cash at this app getting the most expensive deals will net more in the long or short run.

Trivia Crack Coins at App Store

Classic Mode – Winning one of these matches will net a small amount. This is where many folks will get theirs for free. More is won the better the score at the end. Can take a very long time to complete and usually lasting days. Make sure to start a match when ever lives are available.

Challenge – If you can get the most questions right out of all the other players you’ll be rewarded coins. You’ll get one for every player that participated, plus some. There are 12 questions total and everyone gets the same ones. This is by far the #1 spot to earn in game currency. The hard part is going to be the player who answers the most questions right. The person at top always seems to miss only 1 or 2 so you’ll have to kick some butt. Sometimes though everyone will do pretty bad making it like shooting fish in a barrel.

Trivia Crack Challenge Match Win

Free – When starting Trivia Crack for the first time you’ll get 25 for free!

Spending Coins Guide

The best time to spend coins is when your on your last question before gaining a character. This happens after getting 3 questions right in a row or landing on the crown while spinning the wheel. This will give you the highest chance of success when using power ups. Unless of course you have a large amount to spend or maybe your feeling lucky. Power Ups can only be used during questions.

Trivia Crack Power Ups Spending Coins

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    in trivia crack where do i find how many coins i have won?


    You can see coin total on the homepage top right corner but i believe you cannot see during your turn .


    How many coins are used whenever I use a power up or special skill?

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