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Trivia Crack CheatsBelow are some ways you can Cheat in Trivia Crack. For the most part heir aren’t any Trivia Crack cheats that you can just enter for bonuses and special effects. There are however a few thing you can do to keep a few steps ahead of opponents.

Keep in mind that their is nothing illegal here or anything that would harm your device. Just a few simple tactics that can be used with a normal installation.

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Trivia Crack Cheats

Answers – Many of the answers can be pretty tough, but there is a workaround. What you’l need to do is have Google search ready to type things in as fast as possible. Typing in the whole question shouldn’t be needed. Try to use keywords that are in the questions that would return quick search results for answers.

Though you wont have that much time to complete the task finding what is need can often be pretty simple. This will work very well for folks who have fast typing skills. After getting the hang of things it should go a lot more smoothly.

Multiple Devices – If you have more than 1 deceive laying around install Trivia Crack on both and use one of them to gift yourself. This is a great way to fill up those heart without spending real money or having to wait.

Maybe a friend doesn’t play that much any more or has taken some time of. Fell free to send them a message via in game or through Facebook asking for extra lives. Though it may get tiring for the other person after awhile you can usually get a few good sets of life refills.

Share  – If there is something you would like to add that isn’t here share it with others in the comments. Make sure not to post any harmful cheat as they will have to be deleted.

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