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Trivia Crack How To Change Profile PictureHow To Change Profile Picture in Trivia Crack. First you have to attach a Facebook account. Once this is done your default pic will go away and be replaced by the one on your Facebook account. You can choose to remove the profile picture and/or name from view of others. Those are the basic instructions for how to change your Profile Picture in Trivia Crack.

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Unfortunately, for people who don’t have FB account they won’t be able to have as much control over their picture. There might be a couple default game pic’s available, but nothing like choosing anything in the world to display. Signing up is fast and easy though requiring only an email and confirmation. there could be a number of reasons why someone doesn’t need one.

Maybe you don’t have access to that sort of thing or it’s to inconvenient at the moment. It’s king of a shame that such a trivial game feature is locked behind a wall of information giving. What next, share my medical history to answer questions in the health category?

Twitter might work, but I doubt it due to there not being any option for it in the settings besides unlink.

This problem gets even thicker when linking an account. To view the weekly records a user will have to add 10 friends to start competing. That’s probably why this game gained fast in popularity. Every user added via FB had to find another 9 friends to join. Having a custom profile picture is kind of a major thing. This probably sends people into a frenzy of outgoing invites.

You can easily get FB friends by going to official pages and adding people that are asking. When leaving a message like “Add Me” others can send invites. Sending a message your playing Trivia Crack will help to not get rejected.


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    I can not figure out how to change my profile picture but I don’t have a Facebook account or a Twitter account because my mom won’t let me have it so what do I do.

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