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Trivia Crack AnswersI’m sure many people are looking for some Trivia Crack Answers. Right now the best way to get answers to questions is by using Google search. The trick is to select only a few keywords from the question that would trigger a quick #1 response in Google. People fast at typing might even be able to jot down the whole question. If you feel like this is cheating just remember that nobody said Trivia Crack wasn’t open book. For more info visit our Trivia Crack Wiki & Guide.


Players can also try entering a parts of each answer with each search giving a better chance to get what you need in the first search result. Right now there are over 100,000 questions and growing due to the user submitting option.

After a bit of practice this method becomes pretty easy. For Geo question you should find a good map online and download it to a PC. This can be done by searching for a map in Google Images. That way you can look through things at a fast pace.

The best website right now for help getting everything right would be They have set up a page for each category making long searchable lists. Use CTRL+F to find specific words that appear in the questions. Don’t try to write out the whole things as this will take too much time. It can also render no results due to misspelling from the person writing them down.

There is another website called that is taking pictures of all the questions and answers. Unfortunately, the way the information is set up it’s more like a study guide since only one can be view at a time. This makes it impossible to use the CTRL+F function for finding things fast on a page. Hopefully in the near future they organize things into a long list that can easily be searched.

One of the best tactics for getting everything right is the old 2 heads are better than 1 method. Playing with more than 1 person can dramatically increase your success rate. If you really want to go crazy you could have 1 person searching Google, 1 person searching the above websites, and may a couple on the device. This is some hardcore gaming though and reserved only for folks who seriously need a good looking score sheet.

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