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Trivia Crack Add Friends Here & How ToIf your wondering how to add friends in Trivia Crack you’ll need a Facebook account. To Add Friends go to the Profile Menu>Rankings. In Rankings you can add people who are already on your friends list.  Below is a growing list of people who are looking for Trivia Crack friends to play with. Feel free to leave a message in the comments so other can find you. When posting in the FB comments below it will also appear on your Wall.

Remember it violates Facebook’s rules by adding people you don’t know. Make sure to send them a message with the friend invitation mentioning your playing Trivia Crack. Or else you might be rejected which can trigger a message from FB saying you did something bad. MAKE SURE TO ADD ONLY PEOPLE YOU KNOW! Thank you.

When your ready visit the post below to leave a comment and add friends:

Trivia Crack Add Friends Facebook Post here

Once someone has been added you’ll need to find them again inside the Rankings menu and add them to Trivia Crack.

Tip – The easiest way to get found on Facebook is to assign a nickname to yourself. This can be done in your Profile Settings. Using words that are unique and different from many work the best. Try adding combinations of both letters and numbers or symbols. This is also something that can be changed often. It’s like a disposable phone number that can be used a ton for free. Please be aware that everything said and done on FB is being monitored and surveillance. So doing bad things can get somebody in a lot of trouble, potentially.

Please only leave questions or other concerns in the comments below. Use the post with the link above for invites. Things will run much smoother.

For more info visit our Trivia Crack Wiki & Guide or Tips and Tricks.

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    My Facebook friend has asked me to invite her to play Trivia Crack. I’ve looked all over the game and cannot find a way to invite her. I looked on my game friends list and she’s not there. Now what do I do?


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