Feb 242015

Trivia Crack AchievementsTrivia Crack Achievements area way to earn extra rewards like in games currency. Achievements are also a nice way to work towards something else besides consistent unchanging gameplay.

Some of them are very easy to complete only requiring a few actions to get things done. Others will seem out of reach and almost unobtainable. The best practice for trying to get them all is to take a look through the Achievements List. Keep an eye out for ones that are close in range and try to focus on them.

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There are a couple of them that are so difficult that most people feel they are out of range. In these cases your gonna want to work smarter not harder. Do you have multiple devices laying around not be used. Maybe someone near by has no interest in playing Trivia Crack. In these case you should install the app on them and sign in with a different email address.

Any achievement that requires a ridiculous long streak can easy be defeated by challenging yourself and making sure that one account always looses. This tactic can also be used to gift yourself extra lives and to earn¬†Coins be winning all the time. The more devices used in this escape of control the more rewards you’ll get.

Some wont be acquired faster though like submitting a certain amount of question to the app or judging questions submitted by others. These will have to be completed with good old fashion elbow grease. Luckily most of them are in range and can be completed with a little to a lot of gameplay without needing to be a genius.

Cheating might not be something your willing to do though. In that case your own and have to use what you got. If there is anything that you would like to add feel free to share in the comments to help others.

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