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Townsmen Wiki Guide Android iOS PC MacTownsmen Wiki & Guide with lots of info to help you out. Townsmen is a Simulation game developed by HandyGames available for Android and iOS. You can also use emulators like BlueStacks and AndY to play on your PC and Mac.

Townsmen has a new and unique play style where you gain experience and level which unlock better building and stronger passive buffs. Whether your playing a scenario or a sand box game you level and buffs will carry over to new games.

It’s a good idea to go through the tutorial before playing as the game can seem very confusing at first. This will also help you juggle the large amount of resources and villagers needs that keep you town running smoothly.

One of the neatest feature would be the changing of seasons which will in turn effect the growth of crops. At first this can seem a bit confusing as a loading screen will pop up out of nowhere. Besides crops foods sources like hunting are also affect with different animals appearing for each season.

The only real draw back is the giant ad taking up the top 1/5th of your devices screen. This can be removed by forking over real money and has to be one of the most invasive ads Ive seen in an Android app. There might be another way to remove the billboard, but I’m not sure if I can talk about it here.


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Prestige – This is an in game currency for speeding up build times among many other uses. You can close and open the app many times in one day for free Prestige. It seems that the amount increases over time maxing out at about 25 Prestige. Check often to maximize you earning in a day from free bonuses. Using prestige correctly will dramatically speed up gameplay.


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