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Tips Tricks Hints Cheats - Sky Force 2014 WikiThese are some helpful tips, tricks, hints, and cheats for Sky Force 2014. For more info check out our Sky Force 2014 Wiki & Guide.

Cards – These are found randomly in boxes and there are 24 different ones. I’m not sure what the trigger or frequency is, but I have gotten them in back to back stages. Cards stack and you can collect multiple of the same kind. Each cards will offer a bonus from lower upgrades cost to faster ship repair time. If you die during a stage you will loose the card you collected.

Dexterity – When playing for long hours your finger tips a bound to get sore. I was playing for 2 days straight when I look down to find a piece of skin hanging off my finger. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. When you get close to this point it’s best not to use your finger tip directly. Tilt your finger forward or side ways and use your nail to take most of the pressure off. This tip should let you play for hours without need to rest your fingers.

Difficulty – When you get all the medals on normal difficulty for a stage you will unlock a Hard mode. Then, after hard you will unlock Insane mode and after that Nightmare. Stars earned per kill are x2, x3, and x4 respectively.

Health – Lots of health can be a good thing and a bad things. You’ll have more survivability and less chance to loose cards. But each increase will raise the time it take to regenerate ships by 5 minutes. As you get better and stronger this becomes less of an issue. Bonus stages on the other hand require you to die at the end. This makes faster regen more important. It’s up to you to find a happy medium.

Laser, Energy Shield, Mega Bomb – After purchasing these will cost stars to use and must be selected at the start of a stage. Once bought with stars stop touching the screen at any time to bring up a menu to select one. Though the cost money you can find them for free in crates. This makes it worth unlocking them even though you might not want to upgrade them.

Main Cannon – This is the only gun that will increase firing rate from speed upgrades in battle. This makes it the most deadly weapon in your arsenal. Max this out first for the easiest time completing the game. Makes farming harder stages much easier or even playable.

Upgrades – There are a few of these to choose from. Since cost can get expensive fast it’s good to have some direction. Check out our post on the Best Upgrades to help you move faster through this title.

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