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Tips Tricks Hints Cheats - Minute Quest WIkiBelow is a growing list of Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Cheats for Minute Quest. Check back in the near future for updates and new info. If your not planning on using the Auto Farming trick it’s gonna take you a long long time to beat the end guy in this thing.

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Tips Tricks Hints Cheats

Auto Farming Gold, Exp, Items, Pets – This Minute Quest Cheat is gonna help you tons. Installing an app called HiroMacro Auto-Touch will let you mimic touching motions on rooted devices. For none rooted users you can use the DeathMarch Skill which automatically walks your player forward toward it’s facing direction until dead or stopped by Castle or The End. This cheat is like adding a forth more advanced DeathMarch skill to every combination. I will call it LifeMarch.

With Hiro, simply record yourself moving forward to a safe distance, then return to your Castle. Now you can replay this motion loop and choose the number of re-plays. The next time you come back to your device you’ll be richer and buffer.You should check once in a while to see if you have a Treasure option in your Castle as you can only have one at a time. Things also might get lagy after awhile and is fixed with a restart of app.

Starting from the beginning and going as far as possible is good for farming gear, gold and Pets. Setting the motion point to stay in high experience areas is much better for farming exp.

Auto Walking – Using the HiroMacro Auto-Touch app mentioned above you can auto pilot back to distant locations after dying. This will let you multi-task speeding up your productivity while playing. You can also have a walk back recording like a potent escape button, but Menu>Items>Magic Door is much faster.

DemonDash – Use this to travel to end of Tunnel, then change gear when you get out in Bathrooms and Houses. Choose gear for things your lacking before using Tunnel like Gold, Exp, or Treasure buffs.

Devil – It seems like this developer has an unnatural infatuation with the Devil. He has used almost every variation is his or her name for monsters. All his other apps center around it and seem to glorify it. And with how this game is set up to waste massive amounts of your time it kinda makes sense. If this is something that bothers you it might be a good idea to stay away from this app. Devil worshiping is usually a byproduct of malnutrition and lack of knowledge. Does anyone know a good exorcist?

End Boss – You can’t go past 33.7 as there is no more game. At 33.4 there is a cave to Hell which has an almost unbeatable Boss called DossBoss with 4,950,000 HP, 99000 Power, 99000 Speed, Evil attribute, and weak against Water.

There is online chatter about needing to be level 300,000 plus to bet this thing. I’m pretty sure I can kill this thing with a lot less. Will update right here with stats soon.

Experience – The fastest ways to get experience is in Treasure and Training (no gold or drops) Dungeons. The Monsters are high levels but weak and hurt less. Skills like Exp Farmer, ExpUp 110-40%, higher DPS will increase gain. Using the Auto Farming technique above works really good in the Training area.

HP Regen – You HP will regen when your not fighting, in your menu, and keeping the app open and switching to other apps. This is helpful for re-charging HP to finish Boss battles. Returning to your Castle will refill your HP for free. Temporarily switch gear at Bathrooms and Healing Houses to fill HP fast.

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