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Tips Tricks Hints Cheats - Brave Trials WikiBelow is a growing collection of Brave Trials Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Cheats. Not sure how long I can keep playing this thing as it seems to go on forever. Check back in the near future for updates and additional information.

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Tips Tricks Hints Cheats

Daily Quests – Make sure to do these every day as you will get a butt load of Exp and Coins with a little sprinkle of Gems. When you reach higher level Trials you’ll get way more exp there. Use the Auto function to quickly complete Trials without have to enter them. If your star level is zero you’ll have to do it one at a time, better than nothing though. Thees tricks will give out good amounts of Coin, remember to get you one free bag after completing it each day.

Fast Leveling – In the beginning the fastest way to level up is by completing Daily Quests. At first you want be able to get the big 500xp bonus at the top. Later the only thing holding you back will be the small time frame Faen War.

Upgrading – Most of the things that you invest in can be broken down to obtain those investments. Faen for example can be Rebirthed to get back all your coin, orbs, exp, and shards. Coins spent on grade 1 and 2 Fae will be wasted however because they can’t Rebirth. Equipment is the same and you get get back you coins and items you used to upgrade them. This should be done as soon as possible once you obtain better gear, For the most part you can feel free to upgrade without a fear of wasting your resources.

Upgrade Faen

Power – At first increasing your PWR can seem difficult especially when everyone around you has the same level, but way more PWR. The best things you can do to raise you PWR are upgrading gear and Fae. An item that has better quality will always be better than ones with lower quality. You should switch these out as soon as possible. Try to get Grade 4, 5, and 6 Fae as they will raise your stats better than anything. Replay Elite Trials to farm for high grade Fae.

Day 8 Rewards Brave Trials

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