Jan 032015
Simcity Buildit Dr. Vu Tower

Dr. Vu Tower is the best way to earn Golden Keys in Simcity Buildit. When the player has over 90,000 Sims they can spend 60,000 Simoleons to buy the building just outside the city. Once Dr. Vu Tower is opened up Disaster Challenges can be completed to earn about 6-15 keys each challenge. To start [...]

Dec 302014
Simcity Buildit Disasters and Challenges

Below is info regarding Simcity Buildit Disasters and Disaster Challenges. Since Simcity Buildit is so new check back in the future for updates to this post. In the mean time read on for eye opening content to help plan ahead. For tricks on how to make things easier check out our Simcity Buildit Tips. What [...]