Jan 262015
Inotia 4 Boss & Bounty Guides, Gameplay, Locations

Below is a list of video for Inotia 4 for Boss and Bounty Gameplay and Locations. The Priest is the class used for all of the vids. Most everything is here except the very last of everything. My game was erased by accident I never feel like going through it again. By the time I [...]

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Nov 062014
Minute Quest Boss Set Distance Guide

Below is a Minute Quest Boss Guide with helpful Sets, Builds, and Distance locations. If you can survive 1 hit any Boss can be beaten with patience. More HP recover will speed up the waiting process. Some builds can rely on Evasion rather than Tanking. HP will regen as long as the app isn’t closed so you [...]

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Oct 282014
Ace Fishing Boss Strike Reward Guide

An Ace Fishing Boss Guide with info on Strike’s and Reward. Bosses are usually the most valuable fish in each location and the hardest to catch. Check out the Ace Fishing Wiki for more info. Boss fish can be very hard to catch on your first attempt and usually are not available until after a [...]

Oct 232014
Zenonia 5 Boss Guide Paladin Gameplay

A Zenonia 5 Boss Guide and Gameplay for the Paladin with an all STR build. Zenonia 5 bosses can range from easy to holy smokes I have some thinking to do. Below I make sure to show my current stats, skills, and gear so you can better gauge where your at. The best things to [...]

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Oct 112014
Zenonia 5 Walkthrough Paladin Quest Boss

Zenonia 5 Walkthrough showing Main & Side Quests along with locations of Bosses while using a Paladin Build Found on the Zenonia 5 Wiki. Click links on the quest names to see a YouTube video walkthrough in the new Super HD 480p, recorded on a top of the line screen capturing software, Potato Max, includes real [...]