Nov 212014
Minute Quest Armor List Location Guide

Minute Quest Armor Guide with a list of everything , Locations, and more. Armor can be purchased at Shops and found from Monster drops including upgrades. Skills and Weight do not change with upgrades, only Defense. Max level is 9. Visit the Minute Quest Wiki for more info. Upgrading Armor will dramatically increase defense. Doing so with [...]

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Nov 052014
Minute Quest Pets Bosses Shops Distance

Below are Minute Quest Weapon, Armor, Pet, and Bosses Distance. I made this so I didn’t have to run all over to find locations for Skill items. It just so happens to be a pretty useful tool. Using Ctrl+F will save a ton a time searching through here. Visit our Minute Quest Wiki for more info. Weapon [...]

Nov 012014
Minute Quest Wiki Guide Skill Build Pet Set

This Minute Quest Wiki Guide will have most relevant content to whoop this app easy. Combinations below for Weapons, Armor, and Pets along with Item location. Check back often as this Minute Quest Wiki Guide will be up dated regularly. Though this game has the word Minute in it’s tile you will probably be playing [...]