Jan 122015
Hill Climb Racing Achievements Guide

A Hill Climb Racing Achievements Guide for Android and iOS. You can find a list of ones that have been completed or need to be by going to More>Achievements from the vehicle select screen. When completing one you’ll get a little pop up on the screen showing the name and picture. No rewards are given [...]

Nov 192014
Civilization Revolution 2 Achievements

Civilization Revolution 2 Achievements are unlocked and tallied up after completing a map. For more info check out the Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Wiki & Guide.   Domination Aye Captain – Accumulation 100 Warrior built. Bloodthirst – Start a war with another civilization. More men, More Power – Form your first army. Here Ends [...]

Oct 142014
Paper Racing Wiki Guide Tips Walkthrough

A Paper Racing Wiki & Guide with Tips, Walkthrough, Achievements, and more. Paper Racing is a free-to-play with paid option app. It was developed by Elite Games and is available on Android only at the moment, not for iOS at iTunes. This is classified as a racing game as strange as it sounds and is [...]