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Sky Force 2014 Wiki GuideThis is a Sky Force Wiki and Guide with general info and tips. Sky Force 2014 is Arcade style plane shooting game developed by Infinite Dreams. It’s free to play and available for Android and iOS. The graphics are some of the best for any mobile game on the market today not just scrolling plane shooters.

This is a 10 year anniversary of an older version called Sky Force Aces-Raiden Fighter Free Download on Google Play that came out in 2004. It seems there are a few developers trying to mimic this game with the same name and logo. Once you play them though you’ll soon find out that there worlds away when it come to graphics and gameplay.

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Like most scrolling shooters you’ll have to complete a few basic mission then face a boss. The graphics are through the roof amazing. You might find it hard to pay attention some times because you’ll want to look at everything. The bosses are absolutely beautiful, it’s like a hand held PS4 woot, not really but it looks super nice! You get to upgrade your gear between missions and prepare for tougher battles ahead.

This is the first of it’s type that I’ve played that has quests. Complete time limits and goals to earn special rewards. What would a game be with out Achievements. This one has a ton to keep you busy for hours and hours, forget about sleeping. With multiple gameplay difficulties, upgrades, quests, and Achievements there’s lots of replay value.

Your not alone in this one. There’s a weekly tournaments where you compete against other players from around the world. You can also use different features of social media. Can’t forget the music and sound effect. There top notch for mobile devices and you might be hard pressed to mute it.

I love these shooter games. They remind me a lot of Raiden Project which I played a ton of back on the old PS1. Of course now you can jam out with it on some emulators.



Sky Force 2014 Download on Google Play

Sky Force 2014 Download on iTunes

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