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Sky Force 2014 Card List & GuideThis is a Card List & Guide for Sky Force 2014 available for free on Android and iOS. I thought this game was pretty amazing, but when I got my first card drop I was real excited. Then when I checked it in the library and realized it also offered a special bonus I had to change my pants. I feel it was worth the extra shower and load of laundry for that day.

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Cards seem to only drop from boxes so make sure to shoot the all. You can find multiple of the same card and the effects will stack. I’m not sure of the frequency yet or what triggers them. I’m guessing it’s either playtime, enemy kill totals, box kill totals, or the number of stage attempts. Right now it looks like you can get cards by destroy boxes when you have a high no hit combo, but not always. I’m guessing since this game takes a really long time to complete cards are dropped on a time basis.

The down side is if you die with out completing the stage you will loose the card. This makes your Health and Energy Shield stats the best to increase as survivability and the best skills for card grabbing. This also means that you shouldn’t spend too much time on stages you can’t complete. It’s inevitable you’ll find one and loose it and that’s not a good feeling.

Finding them seems to be random and they don’t seem to drop in certain places, though the first one I found was the first on the list. The second one was #18. I’ll keep track of the order and if it’s the same for you please let me know in the comments. You can view the ones you’ve collected on the stage select screen by tapping the button in the upper left corner. When viewing tap the card again to see it’s bonus on the back. There are 24 total.

This list is incomplete and will be updated until finished. Check back in the near future for added content.

Card List

1. Hanger Capacity +1
Card 1 - Sky Force 2014
2. Hanger Capacity +1
Card 2 - Sky Force 2014
4. Plane Production Time -5%
Card 4 - Sky Force 2014
5. Plane Production Time -5%
Card 5 - Sky Force 2014
7. Upgrade Installation Time -5%
Card 7 - Sky Force 2014
8. Upgrade Installation Time -5%
Card 8 - Sky Force 2014
9: Upgrade Installation Time -5%
10: Initial Fire Rate +1
11: Initial Fire Rate +1
12: Initial Fire Rate +1
13: Missile damage +10%
14: Laser Beam Energy +10%
15. Mega Bomb Power +10%
16. Energy Shield Durability +10%
17. Rescue Rope Length +5%
Card 17 - Sky Force 2014
18. Upgrade Prices -10%
Card 18 - Sky Force 2014
19. Health Regeneration (~1hp/2seconds)
20. Start with 1 Energy Shield
21. Start with 1 Laser
22. Start with 1 Bomb
23. Plane’s speed +5%
24. Night camouflage, turns the plane black

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    i got card #20 (pretty lucky) from hard mode of stage 3. i think gold card are more difficult to get since they might be the rare ones (i think)


    # 10 is Initial fire rate +1; #20 is Energy shield to start with


    #13 is missile damage +10%


    9: upgrade installation time -5%
    10: initial fire rate +1
    11: initial fire rate +1
    12: initial fire rate +1
    13: Missile damage +10%
    14: Laser Beam Energy +10%
    16: Energy Shield Durability +10%

    19: Health Regeneration (~1hp/2seconds)
    20: Energy Shield to begin with (just 1)
    21: Laser to begin with (just 1)
    23: Plane’s speed +5%

    im willing to bet stars that 15 and 22 are increasing bomb damage, and one to start with


    15. Mega bombs power, +10%
    22. Bomb begin with
    24. Night camouflage, turns the plane black

    Got all the cards.


    The important question is WHERE did you guys find the cards? Is there a level & difficulty setting that any of you have found to be a card sweet spot? Or, where did you find the majority of your cards?

    I have only 4 or 5 different cards, but I have 4 #4s, 4 #1s, and 3 #7s! Is this typical?

    Thanks in advance for yr help! Super fun game–yeah, it’s 4:30AM right now… =|


      I got all the cards except for the last one no. 24. I got them mostly from level 5. There are 2 boxes early on and another one not too far by the first 3 laser guns. To get the 3rd box, make sure you stay away from the EMP. Good luck and keep trying! Now, how the heck do I go about getting that last card???


        Right on thanks! I’ve been playing lvl 5 on hard and haven’t gotten any cards from it yet, but I’ll keep trying. Good luck on the last one


          There’s a whole bunch of boxes throughout 6 as well; I’ve gotten several cards there. If you can farm on hard there you get a decent amount of stars too (though 3 insane gives more stars ).


          Play for stage 6 insane, i got all my cards on that stage including general mantis card


    I recently got card #3 and it is also has a hangar capacity +1 bonus.


    Is there any limit on how much card we can grt? Because i got all the cards and somehow they just never appear anymore no matter what level i play or how much i play.


    #3 Hangar Capacity +1 (I didn’t see this one listed.)

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