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Simcity Buildit Waste ManagementSimcity Buildit Waste Management becomes available when the player reaches level 14. When this happens Sims will start to complain about the garbage filling up the city. This will also make them less happy until the problem is remedied. For this reason it’s always a good idea to try and save currency and be ready for these situations. Putting in any of the waste management systems below should be more than enough to fix the problem when it first arises. All of the building must be placed on a road.

For more info visit our Simcity Buildit Wiki & Guide.

In other Simcity’s when you place a trash collecting building you would have to sell it to neighbors or burn the trash to remove it. Then when the garbage was gone you were left with a pollution stain on the ground making the spot only really good for trash anymore. This is not the case in Simcity Builtit. Move the building around as much as you’d like and never worry about thing piling up. Works just like water and electricity.

Waste Management

Small Garbage Dump

Simcity Buildit Small Garbage DumpThis is entry level and the cheapest option available. In the beginning this might be all you can afford. If not, you should at least try to purchase the next one up. You’ll get a little more bang for your buck and will take up less space in the long run.

The worst case scenario is that you have to buy a couple of these at the start. They can be demolished later to recover half of what was spent on them.

Garbage Dump

Simcity Buildit Garbage DumpCost wise this one is slightly more expensive Garbage Incinerator, but it’s pollution radius is much smaller.

This is the best out of all the options in my opinion. Though upgrading to a non-polluting alternative in the future is a good thing. Money is tight and there is a ton of other things to buy.

Garbage Incinerator

Simcity Buildit Garbage IncineratorThis is the best buy for cost to garbage reduction ratio. It however gives off pollution in a large radius compared to the others. Because of its large reach of dirtiness this option is the worse, especially if you don’t have that much room. Should be placed on the edge of the map to minimize exposure.

I would recommend the Garbage Dump above over this one.

Recycling Center

Simcity Buildit Recycling CenterBy far the most expensive of all the available waste removal options. The upside is this will give off very little pollution, less than a block worth on one side of the building. One of these will serve 200,000 Sims

When this is placed on the map Sim bubble will pop up talking about how clean the place is with the new Recycling Center. This can give more chances at special items.

Simcity Buildit Waste Management Stats

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