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Simcity Buildit WalkthroughThis is a brief Simcity Buildit Walkthrough because there really isn’t much to the game. This walkthrough will go over what the player should do to be successful at everything. Many people starting out my not see it at first, but this Simcity is nothing like the others. I wouldn’t even call it a city simulator. Basically it’s just cashing in on the mobile craze of build and wait, build and wait, build and wait, tired of waiting so throw some money at it. Regardless it’s still a Simcity so everyone should at least check it out. This walkthrough can be updated daily so check back soon.

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Simcity Buildit Walkthrough


The biggest concern for new players is city structure. How do I arrange things to maximize efficiency and fun? All buildings can be moved around at will for free anytime after placing them. Just long press the building and drag it to the desired location. Every structure must be places by a road. You can bulldoze things and get back half of what you spent, long press again and tap the red button in the top right of the screen.

When you place a home and upgrade it so people move another home will become available for placement. Try to limit new homes in the beginning or you’ll end up wasting a ton of Simoleons on needed fire and police departments. Buying the biggest fire and police department as early as possible will help out a ton in the long run. The coverage in much large than small stations and you won’t waste currency.


Roads are free to place and remove. The first layer is a 2 laner, the second a 4 laner, and the third and last a 6 laner. Roads act much different than in other Sim titles. They will only need to be upgraded when the building directly next to it a lot of population. Traffic does not travel around certain paths causing issues. There is no traffic mechanics

Since roads have really nothing to due with traffic the less you have the better. I would take the main road coming into town straight forward. The branch of left and right keeping the distance between them the size of 2 buildings. Stay 1 buildings width away from the edge of your city.


Keep these structures away from Sim to keep them happy. Beset to put them on the outer edges of the map so much of the pollution disappears outside the boundaries. Place workshops and other non home building between Sims and pollution.


These don’t have to touch every home. Having a few in the city is good enough. The bigger ones are more for looks as you can easily max out home sizes with small parks.


The more Sims you have the more taxes you’ll get. After placing a City Hall early in the game taxes can be collected by tapping City Hall when a coin appears over it. Taxes can be collect every half hour or so. The income will increase over time so you can wait hours or days to collect it and won’t loose anything. More happy Sims equals more tax income.

Water, Electricity, Sewage, Fire and Police Department

These are all musts and have to cover every home or Sims will become unhappy. Make sure to keep an eye on supply and demand so you don’t end up in a situation where you’ll need more, but don’t have the cash.


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