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Simcity Buildit TipsBelow is a growing list of Simcity Buildit Tips. If you have some Simcity Buildit Tips to share feel free to leave them in the comments. These tips can be updated daily so check back in the future. For more information on game add-ons check the official website.

Simcity BuildIt Tips

Best City – The best city in Simcity BuildIt is easy for everyone to achieve. Since buildings can be moved after placing them you can rearrange things nicely. Keep citizens happy with parks and away from pollution. This will also maximize your tax out put. Sims like to live next to workshops and public buildings. Less roads equals more room to create.

Best Layout – All buildings have to be touching a road. The best layout would be to have as little road as possible with roads leading in a straight direction. So try not to have many roads going both north, south and east, west. Choose one of the two directions and stick with it. This is the best layout for help getting more space to build on.

Never put roads right next to the edge of the map. A road should always be covered on all sides to maximize the benefits. At least put it a building length away from the outsides. Put heavy polluting building in the corners of the map to keep most of it off the board.

Bulldoze Factory – Many people in the beginning might not realize that you can move buildings. Due to Factory’s being big pollutants and lowering happiness and tax revenue some bulldoze them at first. Just long press the Factory and drag it somewhere else and the pollution will magically go with it. It can be bulldozed though. Long press the building and tap the red bulldozer button on the top right of your screen. You will need to delete them and make room for bigger factories allowing for more goods to be build at once.

Camera View – If your wondering how to change the camera view using your finger is the only way. Pinch them together to zooming and out. Turn both fingers at once to rotate the camera angle. Take 2 fingers and drag them up or down to control the pitch.

Download – You can get the Simcity BuiltIt Download free on Google Play and iTunes.

Expansion – At level to the player will be able to expand the map for more building area. Each expansion cost its found from happy citizen talk bubbles. They include a the Dozer Blade, Dozer Wheel, and Muffler. By the time this options opens up you should only have about have of the available space taken up.

The other type of expansion for Simcity BuiltIt has not yet been release. Best guesses to when could be around March, 2015 and Novembers are their big release times. This thing just made it for the holidays this year. As soon as one is available check back we’ll help you in the right direction.

Gameplay – Below is a video showing gameplay. For the most part it has adapted well onto the mobile platform. You can see how they have used many of Simcity 5′s features and made them better.

Golden Keys – You can earn Golden Keys by completing Shipments and Disaster Challenges. Gold keys are needed to purchase City Specialization buildings. Increase your city’s population to 20,00o and unlock the Cargo Ship Dock in the water on your map. Now you can complete Shipment Challenges for Golden Keys.

Money – You start the game with 50 SimCash or money. This is a special currency used to speed things up and upgrade certain buildings and features. When reaching about 3000 population you’ll unlock the Mayor’s Mansion. The Mayor’s Mansion has City Achievements that can be completed for SimCash. This is how to make easy money for free. The only other option is to purchase SimCash with real money in the app store.

Moving Buildings – You can move any build once it has been placed in a location. Just long press on it until the move menu shows up. Now simply drag the building to any place by a street.

Online or Offline – Many would expect a large company like EA to have users logged into the internet at all times. That is not the case here and you can play both offline and online. Logging in online will result in your game being saved to the EA servers.

Simoleons – The best tips making Simoleons is to upgrade buildings, sell extra supplies, and collect the daily taxes from City Hall. In the beginning waiting to place City hall as late as possible will get a bigger Simoleons bonus when placing it. Increase the bonus by increasing population and you’ll get a full 24 hours worth when first placing. You can log out then in again to collect pro rated profits from City Hall. The happier your citizens the more taxes you’ll collect.

Special Items – These can be acquired by tapping the talk bubble on building when people are happy. Tap it again and there will be a chance to receive a Special Item used to upgrade certain buildings like Storage. Items include Storage Camera, Locks, and Bars.


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