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Simcity Buildit Strategy GuideA Simcity Builtit Strategy Guide going over the basics and what to look out for. This game is really nothing like other Simcity titles. It’s much more like the mass amount of build and wait type games that have seem to taken over mobile devices. This strategy guide will show you what to look out for and how to maximize efficiency.

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Strategy Guide


Traffic doesn’t travel down roads like it does in other Sims titles. The only time you’ll need to upgrade a road is when the buildings directly next to it have more population than the road can support. With that said the less roads you have the more space you’ll have for buildings.

One of the best setups to minimize streets and maximize building count is to not use squares. Take the main road leading into town and straight forward. Branch roads of it with 2 building wide spaces keeping them a building space away from the edges.


These are needed to produce goods for upgrading home, selling, and trading with others. Through out the game better factories will be unlocked. You’ll have to bulldoze the old ones and replace them with the new ones if you have max amount placed.

These give off a ton of pollution and should be keep away from Sims. The best place for them is on the outsides of the city so the pollution disappears outside it’s boundaries.

Fire & Police Departments

These are a must have to keep Sims happy. The will need to cover every home or they will go abandoned, lower population, and reduce tax income.


You’ll spend most of the game trying to upgrade homes. When you place one and upgrade it for the first time another one will become available for placement. This can get the player into trouble if they spreed out too much early as each will need fire and police coverage.


These don’t need to touch every house in order to max out there living capacity. You will need to sprinkle them all over your city to make people happy though.


This is the main type of currency in Simcity Buildit. You’ll get it in the largest amounts by upgrading homes. Selling goods with Sim bubble and World Trade is the next best way to make more.


The more Sims you have in the city the more tax income you’ll earn. While playing the City Hall building will get a coins over it that can be tapped to collect taxes. This will appear about every half hour while playing. Sometimes when the app is closed for awhile and you log back in the tax income will be very small. This must be some kind of a glitch cause after a few minute another coin will appear over City Hall with the correct amount.


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    I built the roads to run next to the beach as Tarun suggested but my sims still cannot access the beach . How do I give them access to the beach???

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