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Simcity Buildit Simoleons Easy MoneyIf your looking how to get Simcity Buildit Simoleons than go no further. Simoleons are the most common type of currency in Simcity Builtit. Below I’ll guide you through the many ways to earn Simoleons and get easy money. This post can be updated daily so check back in the near future. For more info check out some Simcity Buildit Tips.

Simcity Buildit Simoleons Guide

Upgrading Houses

This will be the most effective way to earn Simoleons. In the beginning build up every house you can. The amount earned will be equivalent to your level. So the profit gotten from each upgrade will go up as your level does. You’ll definitely need the easy money for putting in extras like Electricity, Water, and so on. As population goes up so will their needs. Make sure to take care of their needs before getting more peeps. Houses can be upgrade by using goods from factories and workshops. They items they produce are free, but take time to create. Doing so will earn Simoleons, Experience, and more population. Later on upgrade can may be few and far between making taxes a better option sometime. You can learn a ton more on the official Simcity Buildit Wikia when the info and guides start pouring in.

Simcity Buildit Upgrading Buildings

Keeping Sims Happy

Keeping Sims happiness between 90-100% is important for tax output. When it drops below you’ll make less income per hour. This make income from stand by time less. It should be corrected before taking breaks to maximize income.

Keeping everybody happy is pretty easy. Just make sure they have enough water and electricity. They’ll need at least 1 park. Fire Departments and Police will eventually be need also along with schooling and transportation. Keep them away from pollution be moving dirty building to the edge of the map and corners. They like to live by City Buildings and Workshops.

Happy Sims also offer positive speech bubbles that let you get items for Expansion and more Storage. The Storage Camera, Lock, and Bars are for increasing space at the City Storage. This allows for more goods to be held at once. The Dozer Blade, Wheel, and Exhaust are for Expansion. These will increase the map size so you can build a bigger city. These items seem to drop at a higher rate when getting close to needing them. So if you want bigger storage space try to keep it close to max and trigger more drops.

Simcity Buildit Happy Sims Taxes City Hall


These can be acquired from the City Hall once placed. You can collect taxes every hour or by closing and opening the app. Total tax profit will stack up while your not playing to be collected later. Sometime when logging in after a day or so the amount of taxes collected will seem small. Log out and in again to correct this. Problem goes away while playing online.

When population stars getting up their tax money will be in large amounts. This makes for easy repair and reconstruction. Later when you have a ton of money small buildings like fire departments will be obsolete. Bigger versions will cover more area. You’ll probably have a boat load of little things laying around when reaching this point. Changing things around will be a must for maximizing efficiency of Simcity Buildit.

Selling Goods

After awhile little coin bubbles will start to show up over businesses, factories, and city buildings. They will be offers that let you trade goods tat have been produced for currency. This can be a good deal in tough situation where your strapped for cash. In the long run though, those goods will make a ton more bringing in new population.

Simcity Buildit Selling Goods


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    Good stuff, thanks for the info buddy.


    I’ve noticed you can bulldoze your residential zones and then rebuild them to have a quick source of cash. Best part is that you don’t lose available residential zones. After the first construction phase, the number of potential plots clicks back up to two (or three, depending on how many you had before). I’m on level 21 with 145k and haven’t had any issues with this tactic so far. Other than homogenous tower buildings.

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