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Simcity Buildit SewageRemoving Simcity Buildit Sewage is essential for a city to grow. Without proper sewage removal the water will be undrinkable. This makes Sims unhappy and in return they pay less taxes. Placement for all building is easy enough. Just put it next to any roads and the whole city will start to get cleaned up.

The negative effects of sewage plants is pollution. This is undesirable by Sims so buildings that pollute should be put as far away from homes as possible. The best location would be at the edge of the map or in corners. As you’ll notice, the pollution magically disappears outside of the cities boundaries. For more info visit our Simcity Buildit Wiki & Guide.

Small Sewage Outflow Pipe

Simcity Buildit Small Sewage Outflow PipeThis is the first option to clean the water supple and the cheapest. It is however not the best deal when it comes to cost. If your in a pinch get this one starting out. but if you have the cash go for the Basic version.

You’ll need to be at least level 8 to use this bad boy. By the time it comes available you should be able to afford it with some extra left over. This will open up at a time in the game where you’ll have to put things on pause until adding this service to a city.

Try to avoid this one if possible.

Basic Sewage Outflow Pipe

Simcity Buildit Basic Sewage Outflow PipeThe most cost effective way to clean water. Aim for this option over the cheaper version, you’ll get more bang for your buck. It may give off more pollution, but this can be remedied by simple placing it away from civilians.

This opens up the same time as the small one at level 8. Though you’ll want to get this over the small one you might need to get the small first. I had to because Sims where on the unhappy side.

Eventually though a player may want to upgrade to the nonpolluting version below for a cleaner city.

Deluxe Sewage Treatment Plant

Simcity Buildit Deluxe Sewage Treatment PlantThis one is more expensive and cleans less than the rest per cost ratio. The up side is that it doesn’t give off any pollution. This is for when you have extra money to spend later on in the game. In the beginning you can just place the polluting plants next to factories.


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