Jan 052015

Simcity Buildit Release DateSimcity Buildit had an early test run Release Date in Canada for Android on October 22, 2014. It was then released in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for iOS on October 24, 2014. Finally on December 16, 2014 the rest of the world was met with a Simcity Buildit release date.

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Simcity Buildit Release Date

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but it’s better going in knowing what your gonna be dealing with. I’m sure many gamers are foaming at the mouth about how they finally have a Simcity alternative for mobile. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. EA has decided to stray away from the city building simulations and join in on the build and wait gameplay that’s rampant across mobile.

Before I continue I should add that this isn’t a bad game and a must play for mobile users. It’s a great time killer with online options that will lets you communicate with friends and strangers alike. Everyone should at least check it out.

First of roads, roads don’t handle traffic like in past tiles. They are merely there to transport things like water and electricity. They’ll only need to be upgraded when the house directly next to it has more population than it can support. With that said there are no transportation mechanics.

If you have played the newer Simcity 5 on the PC you’ll notice the graphics and mechanics are almost identical. Looks like they just transferred it to Android and iOS and transformed it into a build and wait, build and wait, build and wait, build then tired of waiting and start spending real money on Simcity Buildit.

For the type of game it really is, not a city simulator, it’s a welcome addition to the mobile community. But that’s only when the player gets over the frustrating realization they’ve be mislead. In my opinion they should not have called this thing a Simcity. Should have been called SimSomethingElse. At least we can be happy that it’s mostly functional on the release date.



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