Jan 052015

Simcity Buildit How To Make MoneyIf your wondering hot to make money or SimCash in Simcity Buildit there are 2 ways that I know of. The first and easiest way to make money is to complete City Achievements. Achievement rewards can be collected at the Mayor’s Mansion. You’ll know when ones ready to collect as a medal reward symbol will appear over the building. There are 3 stages to each achievement with the reward growing with each completed.

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The second way to make money is to pay for is using real life cash. This can get really expensive fast and is probably only reserved for people with money to spend.

Since earning SimCash with Achievements is free this is where most people will be getting theirs from. After unlocking all the rewards and medals I’d say you could earn between 1000-1500 SimCash. This will take a long time though as the last achievements for most categories is meant for late come completion.

SimCash can be used to speed up every operation in Simcity Buildit. It’s also used to purchase special items or goods when you have none. The only building to be purchased with it are Parks, though there is always a bigger alternative that can be bought with Simoleons.

Not sure if there any way to gift SimCash in some way. If so you could install Simcity Buildit on multiple devices and gift yourself. This would take lots of time as the World Market doesn’t open up until level 10.

Since this game can take a very long time to complete most folks will use their SimCash to speed up operations. I would recommend saving up as much as possible and use it when you really need it. Some people might want to acquire every building. In this case I would save for those Parks.

Thankfully this game can be completed and fully enjoyed with the burden of pay to play options.


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