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Simcity Buildit Dr. Vu TowerDr. Vu Tower is the best way to earn Golden Keys in Simcity Buildit. When the player has over 90,000 Sims they can spend 60,000 Simoleons to buy the building just outside the city. Once Dr. Vu Tower is opened up Disaster Challenges can be completed to earn about 6-15 keys each challenge. To start the Disaster Challenges you need to use special items found from Sim speech bubbles around town.

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When a disaster is triggered something like a UFO or Meteor Strike will destroy certain buildings. You’ll then have to use goods produced in a factory to repair the building. Once repaired the building will return to it’s original state and reward the player 1-3 Golden Keys. You’ll have to repair all building before triggering the next disaster. Right now it seems like only homes are effected. Parks, Water Towers, and Fire Department type structures will not be harmed. If they were it would make a real mess of things potential destroying most taxe income until things were fixed up again.

The bigger and more spread out a city is the better chance of many buildings being destroyed. Some buildings will cost very little to repair while others can have a long list of 5 or more goods required to fix things up. It’s wise to have a variety of goods in storage before initiating Dr. Vu Tower. This will make recovery much easier.

Golden Keys are used to purchase many of the Specialization buildings like Education and Entertainment. Think of them as an extra type of currency to purchase the biggest things in Simcity Buildit.

To get special items and trigger disasters as fast as possible you’ll have to keep Sims happy. When they have access to most or all of the unlocked content you’ll see a lot more positive speech bubbles. When not playing for awhile bubbles will produce more special items then with consistently tapping them during long play times.

Earth Quakes and UFO attacks seem to destroy the most homes. Meteor Showers can strike at the edge of a city only effecting one home.


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    It only cost $40,000 to initiate the Vu tower, not $60,000.


    What advantage is it to spend simoleons on upgrading the tower?


    Thank you, this is just what I was looking for. I was afraid of launching a disaster and it end up destroying my hospital – I won’t have money to recover it at least for the next 5 days lol
    Just a correction, the Vu tower costs 40000, at least that’s the price right now.


    Can the Dr. Vu tower be bulldozed? I’m on the fence about building the tower…I’d like to earn some keys and get Simcash for the achievement, but don’t want to always be dealing with disasters. I’d like to know if I can bulldoze it after a while.

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