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Simcity Buildit Disasters and ChallengesBelow is info regarding Simcity Buildit Disasters and Disaster Challenges. Since Simcity Buildit is so new check back in the future for updates to this post. In the mean time read on for eye opening content to help plan ahead. For tricks on how to make things easier check out our Simcity Buildit Tips.

What are Disasters?

They are used to earn Golden keys which are needed to purchase most Specializations. Keys can be earned much earlier with Shipments from the Dock. It can take players a week or more to unlock this feature with the Dr. Vu Tower.

Unlocking Disaster Challenges

Before you can participate in Disaster Challenges you’ll need to have over 90,000 Sims. This allows the player to build the Dr. Vu Tower. The tower is located on the edge of your city by the Highway.

Tip: To reach 90,000 population faster focus on upgrading a few buildings. Make sure Sims have everything they need including education and parks. This will let homes be upgraded to hold more people. Without them you’ll be stuck with little houses. Being within walking distance of Workshops and Government buildings will also help. Avoid putting them close to factories and other pollutants.

Simcity Buildit Dr Vu Tower Disaster Challenges

Golden Key Rewards

The whole point of completing Disaster Challenges is to obtain Golden Keys. Golden keys are used to purchase most Specialization buildings like Education and Transportation. They can be acquired much earlier than Dr. Vu Tower using Shipment at the Cargo Ship Dock.

Shipments – Cargo Ship Dock

The Dock only requires 20,000 population with a 20,000 Simoleon investment and takes about 1 day 7 hours to complete. This will be your first chance at getting your hands on some keys. The Dock is located outside your city on the beach. This should be opened up as soon as possible due to the severe need for keys. Sims will start to complain pretty early when you fail to provide Education, Transportation, Entertainment, Gambling, and Landmarks. This can slow down the grow of a city big time.

Simcity Buildit Cargo Ship Dock Shipments

Some info is missing or incomplete due to the new release of this app, check back soon for new contents.


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    You don’t need 90,000 sims in order to build Vu’s tower. Numerous players with far less than 90,000 sims have built it successfully.


    How do you make a disaster happen on simcity after level 33 . Frustrated!

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