Jan 072015

Simcity Buildit Bulldoze FactoryIf your wondering how to Bulldoze Factory in Simcity Buildit at first it can seem not so obvious. Every building in Simcity Buildit can be bulldozed the same way. First you’ll want to long press on the desired building like a factory. This will change the color of the screen and allow you to reposition the building. Now tap the red bulldoze button in the top right of the screen. There will be a pop up warning to make it harder to delete things on accident.

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You can only have a certain amount of factories placed at one time. As levels go up you’ll be able to have more at once and unlock better versions. If the max amount of factories are placed one needs to be bulldozed to place the better one. High quality ones will allow for the production of more goods at once. They can also increase and reduce the amount of pollution given off.

The first factories are free while the next ones increase in cost. Though having many goods produced at once can be a good thing. Running out of space in the Storage can cause problems and delays. Later when your only option is to have homes everywhere having the most expensive non-polluting versions will be a must.

All buildings placed that cost money can be refunded for half the amount spent when dozed. This does not work for homes though as no Simoleons or Goods are returned when removed. Once roads have been upgraded they can also be refunded. This will help dampen the tide of upgrading.

Removing homes and rebuilding them can be done to farm for experience and Simoleons. This is only recommended when your out of space or don’t have currency to invest in more commodities like water.


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