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Simcity Buildit Best LayoutThe Best Layout for Simcity Buildit is a lot less complicated than other Sim titles. Think of this new installment to the Sim series as more of a cookie cutter when it comes to mobile games. The best layout consists of fewer streets and more homes. Basically what you’ll mostly be doing is creating goods to improve homes and selling them for Simoleon’s. Remember that all structures can be moved around for free any time, but roads have to be bulldozed. Anything that cost currency to place or upgrade can be bull dozed to receive half the cost back.

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Best Layout


In past games traffic traveled along the streets and would get congested with low quality roads, poor transportation alternatives, and bad design. In Simcity Buildit the roads work nothing like that. Roads only need to be upgraded depending on the building size next to it. So once a road is upgraded to the max of 6 lanes you’ll never have a problem with traffic in that location. They are only used as a delivery system for things like water and another hurdle in keeping Sims happy. Under leveled streets will make your citizens very unhappy which in turn will reduce tax income. They are free to place the first layer, but cost to upgrade.

For placement I would keep them a buildings width away from the edge. Take the first one into town and run it straight out then branch roads going left and right with 2 building wide spaces. Less road means more room for placing other things so try and keep them to a minimum. There’s no need to make squares, just take the main one straight out and branch off it every couple buildings with those roads going only straight. See the pictures below for an examples.

Fire & Police Stations

The bigger the better. Purchasing the biggest versions of each will make a huge different compared to the smaller ones. You’ll have more space and less worry. Homes without fire or police protection will reduce happiness and cause abandoned building.


Each time you place a home and upgrade it once so Sims move in another will become available for placement. Keep this in mind when placing more than you have fire and police protections for. Keep an eye on things like water and electricity too. Placing and improving home will raise the demand for commodities. This can put you in a sticky situation if your broke and need more sewage removal. Worse case scenario is Sims are unhappy and tax income is lowered.


Though it can be good for park radius’s to touch all homes it’s not necessary. The smallest park will let you max out homes so big parks are more for show. These are not a must have like fire and police, but should be sprinkled around the city.


Keep buildings that pollute away from houses as Sims hate it. Put them on the edge of your city so most of it will disappear outside the boundaries. Place nonpolluting structures like workshops and government between homes and dirty industry.

This is what I believe to be the best layout. If you have anything to add feel free to share it in the comments.


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