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Simcity Buildit Best City LayoutIf your looking for the Simcity Buildit best layout and best city setup than go no further. To start of this game is not like any other Simcity on the market. I wouldn’t even call it a city simulator. Basically EA is trying to cash in on the build and wait mechanics that plague Android.

The graphics have been taken from the last Simcity 2013 release and molded for mobile platforms. Many people have complained that it was not what they were expecting and I’d have to say they were right. Besides the look and occasional placement of¬†amenities having the best city layout is gonna be really easy for everyone.

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Simcity Buildit Best City Layout


This is probably the first thing you’ll wonder where to place. The answer to that question is pretty simple. The less roads the better cause you’ll have more room for buildings. Street don’t have the traffic like other Sim titles. Each can be upgraded twice and that’s it. Once it’s maxed out traffic will never be a problem again.

These will only need to be upgraded to support the building population next to it. Traffic is not realistic and doesn’t even really exist in Builit.

The best placement would be to run the road coming into town straight forward. Now branch of that left and right keeping the distance between the 2 building lengths. Will also save more room by keeping the space between the very edge of the map and street 1 building wide. This will keep from any unnecessary placements. Check the picture below with the perfectly straight lines for an idea of what I’m talking about.

Simcity Buildit Best Road Layout


Homes must be place to increase population and taxes. Building outwards will require more water, electricity, police, fire and others. Building up will only increase your population and tax revenue. Keep this in mind when wonder whether to expand or go up. Example: If you place a level 1 home on every part of the map it would consume the same utilities as if they were all skyscrapers. Another reason why this is not a city simulator.

Fire, Police, Hospital

In the end when all land is covered you’ll only need 4 evenly placed Fire and Police stations of the highest grade. 4 of the largest hospitals will also be needed. Sims will still complain and more smaller hospitals will have to be placed. If Sims had healthy stuff like the 90 Essential Nutrients they wouldn’t have to worry.


The rest is pretty self explanatory. Just keep pollution away from Sims and place parks every one in a while. For the most part there isn’t really anything to this game. Once you’ve put up a few things you have just about see it all. Nothing really changes through out gameplay. They whole point is to build and wait until being tired of waiting and throwing money at this thing.

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