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Simcity 5 Best RegionThe best region for Simcity 5 (2013) would have to go to Titan Gorge. This would be the best region because most of the city locations have a lot of building space. The region also has a great selection for all types of resources. Titan Gorge is 1 of 3 regions that has space to create 16 separate cities. The below areas are also the only ones that can hold 4 Great Works sites which are essential for maximizing population.

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Simcity 5 (2013) Best Region

#1 Titan Gorge

Has more space to build on than any other area making it the Simcity 5 best region. City locations are divided into groups of 4. Each group has a railroad and highway connecting the most of the 4 sections. This is important for sharing resources between area with different selections. Later when putting up and air port things can be shared between places that aren’t connected directly via road and rail.

This is also a great place for multiple players as each can have their own section to build on. If you want to pack in the most population in and place this is where it will happen.

I really like playing here as there’s just so much room to create. I think that everyone should at least give this place a shot. Learning how to build on a larger scale can make creating in smaller places easier.

#2 Viridian Woods

Another really good place to build on, but with a little less room than Titan. Still almost just as good. I play on this one when I get bored of the gorge. Lots of room with decent transportation between areas. This one can be ever better than the above if you consider the 5 city locations connected by rail. It not the big of advantage, but it might mean something to you. transportation of resources can help out a lot when building up a population. It can be a good boost in the beginning before Airports and Ship yards are set up.

#3 Discovery Delta

The last option for making 16 cities. Has lot’s of area with broken up land making it hard to develop. If you want a challenge with the option for all Great Works and room for others to play than this is for you. Only a couple of the location are flat and open for ideal building conditions. You could play in smaller regions that have more space though you will only have access to 2 or less Great Works. Player thinking about this option might want to consider smaller areas, unless your into the small spread out thing.

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