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Below is a wealth of Search Engine Optimization SEO Wiki like Guide with Tools, Tips, Services, and Tutorials for WordPress. Blogging knowledge giving even the most advanced user something new to walk away with. This SEO Wiki can be updated daily and will be until the message is across so check back often for new stuff.

I have recently peaked out with what I think is a very large amount of information that’s sure to get most things that you choose on the front page of search with many absolute zero competition rank #1 positions.

The main objective is to tell the truth and put up truly helpful void filling content. In many situations one could spam, though you run the risk of getting hit by an algorithm update somewhere down the road. Play it safe and make it the healthiest user experience possible.

I’m going to make this look easy so stop sweating about things being hard or out of your reach. I’m showing you everything for free below without hold anything back. Good old fashion 100% truth.

If you have any questions you can call me for a small PayPal fee (coming soon) per time frame. I think you’ll find very reasonable with the option for me to set up a website for you from scratch including: the Fastest Free WordPress Theme Swift, Free monetizing options like AdSense and Affiliate Marketing, SEO content with medium to massive Google search traffic, YouTube, and tons of the tools you need to stay at the top of the search engines with a 100% success.

SEO Wiki – Guide & Tutorial

SEO Wiki Guide Tips Tutorial WordPress 1Try to fill all accounts and profiles mentioned in this post and new ones found on your own as complete as possible like YouTube header images or Facebook profile picture. Many places might not give you the complete link juice until you complete their required profile or used their service enough like 40+ Linked in contacts.


The word is out and Google loves on page time around 7-10 minute for YouTube and 7 minutes for blogs. The old way was a 250 minimum word, but ad and rank do better with on page time with visitors. On a blog 7 min is about 1600 words, but you should reduce the word count with great looking and fast loading pictures and video embeds.


Hosting GoDaddy – Fast system with high tech options at great prices. Always remember to do a search for GoDaddy Promo Codes and you can always find dirty cheap deals like $1 a month hosting and $0.99 domain names that refresh every month. If there not the best the the game I’m not sure who is. Setting up a new website can be done in minutes from buying hosting, to getting a new domain, then building a website ready for search.

CDN Content Delivery Network – These places store your website in different locations so it loads faster for people in different places on the planet. You get this for free on your main website when you sign up for GoDaddy’s Best Hosting Package. Free options include CloudFlare, then paid services like MaxCDN (free trial), you can find some great backlinks when setting up new accounts. GoDaddy’s normal non CDN hosting plan/services seem to be better than CloudFlare’s free version as my websites get CloudFlare page did not work showing instead of a blog post on my website, there free version is like a sneaky way to advertise.

Social Name Checker – Check to see if your brand name is available on different platforms.

Google Analytics – Hook this up to your website as soon as possible even if your not going to use it. You or someone else will need this in the future. Keeps track of many different statistics for your website and link properties like AdSense and AdWords.

Webmaster Tools – Use this to send sitemap.xml files to Google when you site is first ready for visitors and to index your site in their search engines. While also be use to verify your website for different online properties like Google+, YouTube, and others.

YouTube – Google loves Google and they own YouTube which just happens to be awesome. Add more on page time and generate healthy backlinks. Embedding videos in posts and linking to that post in the videos description will help the post get indexed faster and rank higher. A must have and every blogger should learn put something up, anything up, then learn to build subscribers as most views come from them, next high on site time like 7 – 10 minute videos or whatever fits your style. If someone is kind of beating you in search add a YouTube video and forget about them. Activate Monetizing to open the field for your website link in your Channel Advance option area, then connect it to your Webmaster Tools to verify. Also put link in Link area for PR9 no-follow link juice.

Video Editor: Power Director, almost the cheapest at around $60 and rated #1 by many. Can you guess how much page rank you get from a 2160p resolution upload? More than 1080p. even an unscaled 480p.

allintitle: – Type “allintitle: keyword/phrase” into different search engines like Google and YouTube and check the competition for people with those keywords in their titles. Diamonds in the rough are everywhere and that’s not a joke. Many word combinations have no competition and just need a good junk of content. Just look at the search result number and that’s how many posts or pages have those keywords in there title. 0 – 5,000 can easily be beaten early in a websites career with 7 minutes worth of content including words, pics, and videos.


The most Search Engine Optimized website platform out of the box. Installation is quick and easy but can be a bit tricky at first. Usually incorrect database passwords and the like are to blame. Using an FTP File Transfer Protocol like the free FileZilla will help with editing “wp-config-sample.php” to “wp-config.php” and adding a database name, password, and host name found in your hosting dashboard. I can help you if you if you really need answers fast.

Swift Basic WP theme – The 2nd fastest (just by a hair) WordPress theme plus it’s free. This domain TipWikiGuide.com can be considered a demo so you can check out it’s features. Everything in this Wiki is practice and preached. When you set this up be sure to go through the Swift Tutorial for do and don’t install plugins and where to find their special features. This thing is build specifically for speed when it comes to Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom type website speed tests and that’s one of the most important factor for ranking a website. Install their recommended plugins and avoid the bad ones, they will upgrade you big time including a free always on SEO checklist that lets you know what you missing in a post or page to make it rank the best. Update: Swift Them suck really bad. The worst part is ads won’t show up on mobile devices. Garbage junk trash. The current WordPress theme on this website is called Suffusion. NO coding skills needed to change to your hearts content.

It might not look like much at first, but you can customize the day lights out of this thing using the User CSS in the Design Options.

Frank Theme – A slightly faster WordPress theme with far fewer option than Swift, but is open source and free to the public.

Must Have WordPress Plugins:
Broken Link Checker – This will tell you when any links go bad on your website and lets you fix the issue fast.
GZip Ninja Speed Compression – Adds .gz compression to site, something that Google recommends as standard. There is nothing to configure, just install and enable.
Jetpack – Optional, has great tracking for web traffic statistics.
W3 Total Cache – This is a must have for every WordPress theme and reduces files sizes and loading speeds for visitors. Build to work side by side with the Swift theme too for an unbelievable coincidence. Connects to CND networks like CloudFlare and MaxCDN.
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Lets related post be display at the bottom and top of post giving you more page views. Made specifically for the Swift theme.
WordPress SEO – Helps keep you on the right track when it come to remembering what all needs to be done with SEO before posting something. Keyword Density might not be as important as this plugin suggests. What really matters is that someone comes to your site via a keyword you targeted and stays, then clicks around cause your targeted it right and had good on page time. Recommended to sync up with Swift.


Never copy and paste anything, paste it into a word document and edit first. You must put it through your human filter first. just read it and repeat it in a different manor with your own words. Search engine are programed for humans.

Be sure to include links in your posts to other on and off site related content. Make sure to point to Google related content and reputable sources and avoid spam or negative things. Not linking will result in a dramatic drop in search traffic after a peak point of posts with too few links is reached. Simply correcting it will return things to normal within 1 or 2 days for the big G.

Keyword Research Tool – Type in a word or small niche phrase and see what everyone is typing into Google, YouTube, Bing, App Store, and others added regularly. This might be why Google updated there Algorithm a couple days after this went public on Kim Komando’s website. Employees at the big G said the update made it harder to rank in search and made it more local specific for the US only so far. Coincidentally, Hillary Clinton had just got her picture taken with Sundar Pichai and Janathon Rosenberg.


These are one of the most important things for a website and they rank from 0 to 10 with nothing currently having a page rank of 10 making 9 the highest. The best backlinks are Page Rank 9 do-follow which give you the most link juice. You can get these from many different locations including guest blogging and different platforms like Twitter and Linked in to name a few. Always try to fill everything out as some may not give you the full link juice until you do so. A link must be the only one on the page or it gets divided in half to a PR5 which is nowhere near a PR9.

Though do-follow give much better page rank to a post and website a no-follow can be just as important for respect and knowledge of that online resource. Where ever someone or thing asks for a website address it’s probably a bonus. Stay away from negative and illegal topics unless your aim is to cure and shed light on.

Warning: Pinterest will delete your account right away if you don’t follow their rules to the T. It will also block the website you linked keeping you from linking it with a new account and getting that must have link juice.

This Google Chrome Backlink Tool will highlight no-follow backlinks with a dotted red box. A must have for spotting those incoming links the help your site the most.

Backlink List:
PR9 no-follow
Google + page in link area
Facebook page and personal profile
YouTube – must enable monetize feature then find in Channel, then Advanced
PR9 do-follow
WordPress.com posts
WordPress.org with links is forum questions and answers
PR? do-follow
Adobe – Forum profile and in real forum posts like WP .org and .com above.
ReverbNation do follow main profile and then and artist account, complete profile % options and click more for a long list.
Pinterest – Follow their rules so you don’t get banned right away and loose your link potential by forever blocking your website from syncing with Pinterest ever again. Be sure to start a business account too.


This is how to make money on a website using different kinds of advertising like PPC Pay Per Click like AdSense where you can get payed just by some one clicking. Or affiliate marketing where people have to buy something then you get a cut or % of the profit. It’s kind of a how deep into the rabbit hole do you want to go situation. You are usually payed after reaching a certain threshold of earnings like $10-$100.
Quick Top 25 Alternatives to AdSense (read more):
Display Ad Networks for Small Publishers
1. Advertising.com
2. BuySellAds
3. Chitika
4. IndustryBrains
5. Kontera
6. Media.net
7. PulsePoint
8. Conversant
Display Ad Networks for Large Publishers
9. Adblade
10. Tribal Fusion
11. Vibrant Media
Content Monetization Networks
12. Disqus
13. Outbrain
14. Tabooola
15. VigLink
Email Monetization Networks
16. LiveIntent
17. NewsletterDirectory.co
Video Monetization Networks
18. Adap.TV
19. YouTube Partner Program
20. Videology
Affiliate Networks
21. Amazon Associates
22. ClickBank
23. CJ Affiliate by Conversant
24. Rakuten LinkShare
25. ShareASale

Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Cheats

You can cheat to search engines by doing what they want you to do and focus on WhiteHat.

Best Ad Placement is a 336 or 300px wide box floating left or right below post title and above content, one in the middle of your post somewhere box or responsive banner, and at the end of your post before the comments box or responsive banner. Even better could be inside the 1st or 2nd comment though I’m not sure is this i a violation with AdSense besides Auto Refreshing comments being a no no.

Align your Ads easily with the below codes:
<div style=”float: left; margin: 10px 10px 10px 10px;”>
“Ad Code Here”
<div style=”text-align:center; margin: 10px 10px 10px 10px;”>
“Ad Code Here”

Responsive – This will make your site change size and look when viewed on devices with different screen sizes. Using Responsive AdSense ads can more that double your earnings over night so using this tip is a must. It’s also a must for many other platforms which can make having it sink or swim.

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