Jan 092015

SAS Zombie Assault 3 Best WeaponsA growing list of SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Best Weapons. For the most part the best weapons are pretty easy to recognize. The only hard part is telling how much ammo is gonna cost. This can be a make or break it feature as it’s nice to have all 6 slots full in battle. Each weapon will have access to premium Ammo that cost 3x more, but does more damage. For a more detail and closer look check out the official wiki page for SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Weapons.

Best Weapons

MAC 10 – The MAC 10 has unlimited ammo and is available to everyone with in-game money. Maxed out rate of fire and reload speed with just under half damage. The perfect weapon for saving cash for other things. When you have this gun, the next move is to find a big damage dealer.

Negev NG7 – A machine gun with a lot of attitude. Huge damage and fire rate with second (to Minigun M134) biggest clip in the game. Bullets start at $3 dollars each which can be a little on the costly side. Reload speed is pretty good too though you probably wont be using it the much because of the big clip.

Best Premium Weapons

Players who buy premium weapons have to use real money.

M41-A Grendel 12.7 – If your into assault rifle type weapons this is the best premium weapon. Bullets start at only a $1 each making it a good go to gun. The large clip maxes out at 500. Combine this with the highest stats of any gun out there you’ve got a real winner. Great in situations where the MAC 10 just isn’t doing it.

JKH .887 C.A.W. – Send a piercing laser beam straight through everything in it’s way. Projectiles from this gun pass through all enemies and stops when hitting walls and other obstacles. This is ideal for mowing down crows in tight hallway situations.

ZCS Wipeout – Has max damage and fire rate with slow reload for $1 a bullet. Since ammo is so cheap for this high damaging super fast firing gun it’s perfect for big challenges. Much louder than the M41-A above with about a 3rd the clip size. Though a close second, this one is obsolete with the M41-A around.



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