Jan 142015

RPG Machine Knight ReviewRPG Machine Knight is a free to play with payed option RPG for Android, iOS ($6.99), and free on PC or Mac with an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

You can check out this walkthrough for a ton of in depth info and spoilers. From the very beginning the game keeps you busy with lots of things to do and has many great features from other RPG’s.

Visit our RPG Machine Knight Wiki Guide for more info.

RPG Machine Knight Review

Here are some things you’ll run across during gameplay:

- A main story log book to help keep you on track when you run off to do other things.

- 75+ side missions that you can find by talking to various NPC’s. Receive Gold, SP for skill and magic upgrades, items, equipment, material, and Blacksmith Recipes for rewards.

- Materials for upgrading Weapons and Armor at a Blacksmith. You can find material as enemy drops, quest rewards, or by gathering them at spots that regenerate over time.

- Shopping and buying new items, weapons, and armor at towns and castles.

- 3 playable characters each with 6 different classes that have their own magic and skills. Magic and skill’s can then be upgraded with SP to do more damage or add different effects like fire damage and boosting passive skills by assigning 1 of 7 different kinds of Soulpebbles.

- Complete tasks to unlock medals like Playstation Trophies or Xbox Achievements.

In a lot of ways this game reminds me of Final Fantasy with it’s magic/skill leveling system, gathering, item creation, and hidden post game Boss fights that test you to the max. Even the logo is Final Fantasyish. Most handheld RPG fan’s will probably enjoy this game. Easily 30+ hours of game time for the first playthrough on Normal or Advanced difficulty. Then you can restart a new game and keep all your gold, items, equipment, and magic/skill’s. This game is better than many other RPG’s out their and a must play for someone who doesn’t want to spend real money.


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