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RPG Machine Knight Map InfoAn RPG Machine Knight Map showing all of the main locations that can be entered. Below is a growing list of items that can be found at each location.

Find a more detailed item list by visiting our Walkthrough. You’ll have to use the CTRL+F functions to find things fast as the list is pretty big. If your not sure what to look for drops and items are organized by location. Just use the map to find out where your at.

Visit our RPG Machine Knight Wiki Guide for more info.

RPG Machine Knight Map

RPG Machine Knight Map

12. Old Woman’s House

Island west of Col – Need Boat


Soulpebble of Darkness

22. Sparkle Stones – Forest

Just west around mountains from Village of Col. You can see a solo standing tree on the map.

Raw Silk
White Cloth
Smooth Cloth

23. Sparkle Stones – Mountain

Southwest of Lecom Castle. You can see a path to a tree enclosure on the world map.

Raw Silk
Hard Scale, Rotten Seed

24. Sparkle Stones – Mine

West of Lecom Castle. You can see a mine on the world map.

Refined Steel
Refined Steel, Silver Ingot

25. Sparkle Stones – Pond

Northeast of Lecom Castle. You can see a pond in a field on the world map.

Cocaito’s Cocoon
Right Arm of Big Tree, Stout Branch

26. Sparkle Stones – Hill

Northwest of Keyan. Dead End over 2 bridges on the world map.

Smooth Cloth
Holy Drop, Hard Scale

27. Sparkle Stones – Mine

Mine east of Chasmus

Iron Steel Line

El Aldo Steel

28. Sparkle Stones – Mine

Mine west of Chasmus

Claw of Dragon

El Aldo Steel

29. Sparkle Stones – Mine

Mine north of Lecom Castle – Need Boat

Silver Ingot

30. Sparkle Stones – Forest

Forest south of Col – Need Boat

Right Arm of Big Tree

Rotten Seed, Round Shell

31. Sparkle Stones – Forest

East of Cureo Castle – Need Boat

Steel White Thread

Right Arm of Big Tree

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