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Rebirth Faen - Brave Trials Wiki GuideWhen you Rebirth a Faen your basically getting back all the resources you’ve invested in them. They will return to level 1 without any upgrades. This can only be done with blue (grade 3) and purple (grade 4) quality. The coins, orbs, and Faen you’ve spent on them to Level and Upgrade them will be returned to you. This is very handy since orbs can be hard to come by. Feel free to upgrade your G3 and above as much as you can as the resources spent wont be wasted. G1 and G2 can’t be reborn so resources will be wasted on them, though they will be worth more exp the higher there level.

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When changing out your Faen for another you will be prompted to Rebirth them if they qualify. By qualify I mean the Purple Faen must be at upgrade level 2 or 3 before you can get back what you’ve invested. Blue must be upgraded to +1 before you can strip them down. You also must remember to unequipped them before you can do the Rebirth process. Other wise they wont show up in the list. This has left a lot of players confused and worried, myself included.

Some folk mention there’s a limit to how many times this can be done. When you do this make sure it’s what you really want. You might not be able to do anything else until the next day. This was probably put in place as people found a way to abuse the system. Or maybe it’s it another way to get you to come back the next day.

This is a really good feature that will save a lot of play time. Also considering how hard it can be to get orbs its a big help. If more games would put in things like this I’m sure more people would play them. Having to grind for things over and over can take the fun out of things a lot of the time.

Rebirth Faen

Upgrade Faen

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