Nov 082014

PickCrafter Cheat - Auto MiningIf your looking for PickCrafter Cheat  you came to the right place. You can use a Android app called HiroMacro to record motions on your device then play them back like you where touching the screen. The motion can be repeated as many times as possible so you can make a 2 minute recording last hours or day.

The big draw back is you’ll need a rooted device to have the app work properly. The second draw back is that some games can lack after awhile requiring a restart of the game. Even using this tactic to play can still take along time to complete anything.

Once everything is in place you can Auto Mine without having to touch your stuff and spend hours wasting away, cheats are good. Like many apps on the market there meant to trap you in different boxes trying to get money out of you. Simple take everything that’s fun and place brick in the way hoping you trip some cash their way. With so many corrupt greedy lying world and corporate leaders murdering every day and making it harder to live mad cash grabs are expected.

The above video goes through the process of showing you how things work. Things can be a bit tricky at first. After turning on the program by pushing the Start button you will bring up the Menu and it should be self explanatory from there. You can use this cheat for many other apps that aren’t too complicated when it comes to tapping the screen.

There may also be certain mod apks available online that will let you break any of the developers walls put in the way for profit. Many times these mods can make games much more enjoyable by giving you unlimited money and making hard things more easy.

If your looking for some Minecraft type play with actual building for Android you can check Worldcraft 2, Minebuild, and Exploration Lite.

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