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Paper Racing Wiki Guide Tips WalkthroughA Paper Racing Wiki & Guide with Tips, Walkthrough, Achievements, and more. Paper Racing is a free-to-play with paid option app. It was developed by Elite Games and is available on Android only at the moment, not for iOS at iTunes.

This is classified as a racing game as strange as it sounds and is centered around playing with others online. With continuous play a person could earn enough free gold to purchase everything, though achievements are gonna take a lot longer.

Elite Games has a great tower defense game called Castle TD if your into that kinda thing. If you do check it out the Wizard is the best starting class cause it attacks both air and ground units.

Paper Racing Wiki & Guide


Paper Racing WikiThe object of the game is to swipe downward on your device and spin all the toilet paper off its roll. As soon as you touch the screen the timer will start. Swiping up will result in the roll stopping completely, but not going backwards. Your timed and if you do good enough you’ll get rewarded at the end otherwise completing it will always net you 1 gold coin.

You can only spin the roll so fast which is indicated by the green and red gauge to your left. Once the bar is maxed out in the red the roll wont spin any faster. You’ll notice the roll getting smaller as it spins and when it runs out the timer will stop.

Once you get the hang of things you should be able to purchase all the unlockables in a very short amount of time. The achievements on the other hand are designed to make you stay and play.

There are 2 game modes, Single and Multi. Single lets you play offline while Multi lets you play online with people from around the world. The app is heavily centered around online play when it comes to completing everything.


Paper Racing PatternsPatterns change the look of your toilet paper and must be purchased with gold to unlock and use. They don’t do anything beside look different, though they can be used to intimidate young players. Using the one that your the most attracted to can help you do better. These are the only things to spend your gold on.

Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats

Breaks – Taking a break is a good tip for dramatically improving your performance letting you do better. This can come in handy when trying to complete some of the more lengthy content with out loosing too much in the process.

No Ads Cheat - If you want to turn the ads off you have to turn off your WiFi. Now they wont appear while playing. Single play is sum what limited so no internet meant no multiplayer.

Speed – A trick to being fast with the least effort you’ll want to use 2 fingers and swipe the whole height of the screen, not just on the toilet paper. Then try to keep the gauge in the top left maxed out in the red area. When the one finger gets done the next should be next in line. It’s all about getting a good rhythm so try to get comfortable and swipe away.

You can also use just 1 finger or stylus and make sure to keep the gauge maxed out in the red.


On your Wall of Achievements there are 2 different types. 6 that you can get over and over repeatably claiming the same reward each time, 9 that you can only get once. You can check your progress by clicking the gold award cup on the main screen.

Repeatably – Can be repeated over and over:

Cliff Hanging – Win by 0.003s gap for 500g – 0.002s gap 1000g – 0.01 gap 1500g. This is the difference between the other players score. If your opponents loosing you can slow it down in the end to try and get this achievement. This method can also lead to earning less gold from not winning by making a mistake.

Lightning – Finish in 8.5s for 150g – 7.5s 350g – 6.5s 500g. You should be able to get the first 2 pretty easy. Its the 3rd one that will have you working up a sweat.

1 Time Only – Once unlocked you will not be able to complete these again:

Combo – Win 3 times in a row for 150g – 10x 500g – 20x 1500g. This one is pretty easy just play online and don’t loose. The last one can be a little more tricky.

Win – Win Multi mode 50 times for 150g – 500x 750g – 1500x 1500g. Play and win the total amount of time, doesn’t have to be all wins or done at once.

Multi – Play Multi mode 100 times for 100g – 500x 500g – 2000x 1500g. You only have to play to earn this on. This should be gotten as a side effect from try to get the Win award. So don’t waste time on this unless it’s your last achievement to complete.

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