Jan 142015

I just finished watching The Bling Ring which was an alright time killer. At the end they mention Nicki Moore Forever and mention a website. Like 95% of the people who actually watched the whole thing I Googled nickimooreforever.com.

I was expecting to find something special, but it’s pretty much a webpage with nothing on it and 1 Google ad lol. They could have put 3 Google ads up, but maybe the one thing is paying out better. After revisiting the website after some time the long big banner has change to a smaller one, kind of irrelevant.

Besides the a one ad you you will see a large screen shot of a couple actors from the movie. The first time I saw this thing thing Emma was the only chick that I saw. Now, after 1 years I go back to look at the thing and BAM. There’s another chick standing right next to her staring right at me. Really freaked me out the first time I saw here looking at me. Then I realized they must try to hire better looking actors due to on screen flashiness. The who care if you can act kind, then hope they got some skills.

When revisiting Nicki Moore Forever after a year they seem to have put up a few more links. You can watch an interview in french and apparently another movie review that’s still stuck in french.

I thought I could contribute to Nicki Moore Forever by comparing the actors in the movie with the people who actually committed the crimes in real life. Then I realized I don’t have pictures for any of these actors. So i got the next best thing. Below are mugshot pictures for comparison, enjoy!

Nicki Moore Forever

The Actors

Emma Watson as Nicki Moore

Katie Chang as Rebecca Ahn

Israel Broussard as Marc Hall

Claire Julien as Chloe Tainer

Taissa Farmiga as Sam Moore

The Real People

Nicky Moore Forever Real People Mugshots

Alexis Neiers

Rachel Lee

Nick Prugo

Courtney Ames

Tess Taylor

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