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Minute Quest Wiki Guide Skill Build Pet SetThis Minute Quest Wiki Guide will have most relevant content to whoop this app easy. Combinations below for Weapons, Armor, and Pets along with Item location.

Check back often as this Minute Quest Wiki Guide will be up dated regularly. Though this game has the word Minute in it’s tile you will probably be playing this thing for a long time. Use Auto Farming cheat below.

Minute Quest Wiki Guide

Beginners Guide

The goals is to move forward buying equipment and gaining experience to advance to the end. Dying does not matter and there isn’t even a stat for it. Dying is also the fastest and cheapest way to fill your health, though the walk back can be brutal late game. Returning to your Castle will refill your HP for free.

While moving forward you will find Weapon and Armor shops, Bathrooms that show Skill description  with Equip option, Healers that let you equip, and Dungeon side paths with Bosses. These locations will always be in the same spot with the same options and equipment.


Can be purchased at Shops and found from Monster drops including upgrades. Skills and Weight do not change with upgrades, only Attack. Max level is 9. Upgrading Weapons will dramatically increase their damage output.

Weapon Shop Locations & Inventory
0.3 Long Sword, Knife, Fire Rod, Club, Dice
1.5 Staff, Bow, Halberd, Stick, Shuriken
2.7 Gelblade, Flambard, Icebard, Zaplance, Eyeball
3.9 Axe, Hammer, Chakram, Whip, Leek
5.1 Wood Sword, Rapier, Pistol, Monk Staff, Thief Sword
6.2 Broad Sword, Flail, Icicle, Holy Water, Scythe
7.5 Tonfa, Mallet, Beam Sword, Lexicon, Hot Wing
8.7 Hook, Fishy Rod, Fish, Cleaver, Fork
9.9 Shotgun, Saw, Glove, Snake Whip, Bone Rod
11.1 Choc Ice, Popsicle, Bayonet, Reaper, Gold Dice
12.3 8Hander, Rattle, Strawman, Carrot, Bazooka
13.5 Holystaf, GolfClub, Grabber, Stungun, Crystal
14.7 Cocker, Scorpion, IronClaw, Katana, Card
15.9 Hose, Defender, Darknife, Bouquet, Broom
17.1 Scissors, Boltcane, Brush, NiteDice, Pencil
18.3 MagicWnd, Lollipop, Umbrella, LaserGun, PenKnife
19.5 Buster, Kunai, Set Sqr, FoxTail, Duckwhip
20.7 Cutlass, ThornWhp, TigerSwd, Halbert, AngelArw
21.9, 23.1, 24.3, 25.5, 26.7, 27.9, 29.1, 30.3, 31.5, 32.7


Can be purchased at Shops and found from Monster drops including upgrades. Skills and Weight do not change with upgrades, only Defense. Max level is 9. Upgrading Armor will dramatically increase defence.

Armor Shop Location & Inventory
0.9 HeroArmr Rags Fabulous Magirobe Dragon
2.1 Ninja Huntrobe Shogun FrogSuit Leaf
3.3 RedArmr IronArmr Penguin Sheepy PigTails
4.5 MageRobe SumoSuit RockArmr Thief Kendo
5.7 HolyRobe BuffArmr Kappa WindArmr DnaSuit
6.9 Angel Pirate Fishy GoldArmr Squid
8.1 Samuraï Jacket VampCape ArabRobe HareSuit
9.3 LordRobe Ribbon ChefHat Judo Cyborg
10.5 HuntMstr Boxer WhtRobe Chicken HootSuit
11.7 LionHart Tuxedo Swindler Clown BoneCape
12.9 Apron Roach OgreFace Biker Ninomiya
14.1 Firejig Zombie WolfSuit RedPants InvCloak
15.3 CardBox MerTail FlySuit MoleArmr GoreArmr
16.5 Tights Cluck Cat Ears Priest Ballet
17.7 Uniform Taoist Camo BoneSuit Trunks
18.9 Qipao Diviner SuperMan Onesie Tanktop
20.1 Killer Prisoner Monk Militant Afro
21.3 Hockey Queenly
22.5, 24.9, 26.1, 27.3, 28.5, 29.7, 30.9, 32.1, 3.33

Boss Locations

If you can take 1 hit from a Boss you can slowly defeat him with patience. HP will regen as long as the app isn’t closed so you can do other things, then come back for another small tick of damage and repeat.

1.6 A5 Cannibis, Gardens
3.5 A4 Wight, Shrine
5.8 A6 OctoBlue, Seabed
9.5 A7 Devil, Ruins
11.8 A7 Volcanis, Volcano
14.5 A5 Shady, Cave
15.4 A4 Lucifer, Chez Devil
15.8 A5 LuciferX, Devil Lair
18.1 A5 Dumbo, Castle
19.9 A7 SandWyrm, Desert
21.7 A5 Peaches, Sea
25.3 A5 UFO, Sky
27.4 A5 Kong, Forest
29.8 Vulpus, Marshy
32.9 King, Resort
33.4 DossBoss, Hell


Check out our Combinations List for a growing database of the best Skill combos. When you equip a Weapon you can gain a skill shown in the window. This is true for Armor and Pets as well. When putting on multiple pieces of equipment base skills can change. Finding combinations that give 3 high quality skills is the goal.

There are 1,00o’s of combinations resulting in different Skill setups. Keep in mind that only the really good ones are of any value. There is an absolute ton of unassigned combinations looking like the dev got burned out, rest up buddy cause we want more.

Healing – 10 HP per second is the max per Skill slot x3 for 30 HP max regen per sec. With high healing you can basically work your way to the end very fast by stopping to heal. You will need high SPD to hit enemies and VIT to avoid 1 hit kills.


Check out our Pet Locations Guide to find every Monster fast. These are found as drops from monsters with each dropping there own type. Can acquire multiple to raise level, 9 max?. You can view and change in the Castle, Bathrooms, and Healing Houses. As far as SkillsPets will usually add a buff or 2 while not changing things too much. Some will completely change Skills however so trying all combinations is advise. Can’t land finishing blow.

Raise Your Luck use Skills to improve drop rate. It seems like after a Pets is dropped the monster will drop cash and equipment instead, need confirmation.

Minute Quest Pet Monster List


The key to making builds in this game is to keep one save with all item. Use it to find combinations and maximize strength. Visit the growing Combinations List for Skills and combos. If you combine 1000 Luck with Longsword, Pirate, Mimic = TreaUp30, TreaUp30, TreaUp20 chest drop rate is about 1/20. Since you’ll be going easily past level 10,000.

Didn’t know there were multiple save slots? Tap>Title and there are 5 available, tap New Game 9 times (safety measure) on the slot you want. Use Auto Farming cheat below to avoid wasting hours of moving back and forth.

Builds to beat DossBoss
Minute Quest DossBoss BuildArmTwister, SpdUp30, SpdUp30 = Scissors, InvCloak, OreSlime + 3 Rise Up
Lv13,606 POW27,789 SPD29,929 VIT151 INT161 LUK10,000 HP755 ATK 166,734 DEF286 MOV44,394 EX370,220,369 PlayTime4384m (73hrs) Distance24.7 DossBoss Kill Time 4261m (71hrs)

Points spent on Luck were wasted. A 1,000 or less LCK and this set TreaUp 30, TreaUp 30, TreaUp 20 = Longsword 0.3, Pirate 6.9, Mimic will get you about 1/20 drops per kill. The drop rate increases to 1/8 and better late game for some reason with out investing more in LUK.


When you find good combination you can save them here for quick changing. Located in Castle with a max of 10 save spots. Taking  screenshots is another good way to save combinations.

Tips Tricks Hints Cheats

Auto Farming Gold, Exp, Items, Pets – This Minute Quest Cheat is gonna help you tons. Installing an app called HiroMacro Auto-Touch will let you mimic touching motions on rooted devices. For none rooted users you can use the DeathMarch Skill which automatically walks your player forward toward it’s facing direction until dead or stopped by Castle or The End. This cheat is like adding a forth more advanced DeathMarch skill to every combination. I will call it LifeMarch.

With Hiro, simply record yourself moving forward to a safe distance, then return to your Castle. Now you can replay this motion loop and choose the number of re-plays. The next time you come back to your device you’ll be richer and buffer.You should check once in a while to see if you have a Treasure option in your Castle as you can only have one at a time. Things also might get lagy after awhile and is fixed with a restart of app.

Starting from the beginning and going as far as possible is good for farming gear, gold and Pets. Setting the motion point to stay in high experience areas is much better for farming exp.

Auto Walking – Using the HiroMacro Auto-Touch app mentioned above you can auto pilot back to distant locations after dying. This will let you multi-task speeding up your productivity while playing. You can also have a walk back recording like a potent escape button, but Menu>Items>Magic Door is much faster.

DemonDash – Use this to travel to end of Tunnel, then change gear when you get out in Bathrooms and Houses. Choose gear for things your lacking before using Tunnel like Gold, Exp, or Treasure buffs.

End Boss – You can’t go past 33.7 as there is no more game. At 33.4 there is a cave to Hell which has an almost unbeatable Boss called DossBoss with 4,950,000 HP, 99000 Power, 99000 Speed, Evil attribute, and weak against Water.

There is online chatter about needing to be level 300,000 plus to bet this thing. I’m pretty sure I can kill this thing with a lot less. Will update right here with stats soon.

Experience – The fastest ways to get experience is in Treasure and Training (no gold or drops) Dungeons. The Monsters are high levels but weak and hurt less. Skills like Exp Farmer, ExpUp 110-40%, higher DPS will increase gain.

HP Regen – You HP will regen when your not fighting, in your menu, and keeping the app open and switching to other apps. This is helpful for re-charging HP to finish Boss battles. Returning to your Castle will refill your HP for free. Temporarily switch gear at Bathrooms and Healing Houses to fill HP fast.


I love this game.

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    Hi, I too love this game and am currently at lv3578, 29.8 km , 2583min play. Something I have noticed is lacking from any wiki I’ve read is a reference to the ‘pay up’ button in the castle – I don’t know at what point that was added to the game but it gives you money from the king, the maximum amount is based on either your level or max distance (don’t know which), once the max is reached the king flings poo at you! It resets after each ‘go out’ or ‘training’ run (to death) but not ‘treasure’ runs, so you can boost gold after each run.


    Also theres a cheat i use that works for most of my games it get more health or what ever replenishes over time. when you have low health to step back from any monsters and go into your phone settings and go to date and time, and turn the hour or day up by 1, and when you get back on you will be full on health.


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