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Minute Quest Weapon GuideMinute Quest Weapons can be purchased at Shops and found from Monster drops including upgrades. Skills and Weight do not change with upgrades, only Attack which increases by 1 each upgrade. Max level is 9. Upgrading Weapons will dramatically increase their damage output. Visit the Minute Quest Wiki for more info.

If you want to find better weapon drops you’ll have to fight stronger monsters. 1000 LUK, give or take, and some good TreaUp skills will increase drop rates by a large amount. TreaUp 30, TreaUp 30, TreaUp 20 = Longsword 0.3, Pirate 6.9, Mimic works pretty good, but the Mimic can be hard to come by.

The fastest way to upgrade your Weapon is by purchasing the next tier from a shop. The cheapest way to get new gear is from enemy drops, though you can’t always get what you want.

After reaching the last available Weapons at 20.7km, shops will start over selling gear from the beginning of the list. A future update might increase the amount of items in shops. It seems like the stronger the gear the worse the combos. Higher level items have stronger Skills, but combos become less effective in many cases. This is probably an attempt to keep early items from becoming obsolete.

Weapon Shop Locations & Inventory
0.3 Long Sword, Knife, Fire Rod, Club, Dice
1.5 Staff, Bow, Halberd, Stick, Shuriken
2.7 Gelblade, Flambard, Icebard, Zaplance, Eyeball
3.9 Axe, Hammer, Chakram, Whip, Leek
5.1 Wood Sword, Rapier, Pistol, Monk Staff, Thief Sword
6.2 Broad Sword, Flail, Icicle, Holy Water, Scythe
7.5 Tonfa, Mallet, Beam Sword, Lexicon, Hot Wing
8.7 Hook, Fishy Rod, Fish, Cleaver, Fork
9.9 Shotgun, Saw, Glove, Snake Whip, Bone Rod
11.1 Choc Ice, Popsicle, Bayonet, Reaper, Gold Dice
12.3 8Hander, Rattle, Strawman, Carrot, Bazooka
13.5 Holystaf, GolfClub, Grabber, Stungun, Crystal
14.7 Cocker, Scorpion, IronClaw, Katana, Card
15.9 Hose, Defender, Darknife, Bouquet, Broom
17.1 Scissors, Boltcane, Brush, NiteDice, Pencil
18.3 MagicWnd, Lollipop, Umbrella, LaserGun, PenKnife
19.5 Buster, Kunai, Set Sqr, FoxTail, Duckwhip
20.7 Cutlass, ThornWhp, TigerSwd, Halbert, AngelArw
21.9, 23.1, 24.3, 25.5, 26.7, 27.9, 29.1, 30.3, 31.5, 32.7

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