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Minute Quest Walkthrough & GuideThis is a brief Walkthrough for Minute Quest that will go over the basics. For the most part the goal is to keep moving forward earning experience and gold. Every 0.3km is a build where you can buy Weapons, Armor, chance gear, and see what skills do. These location will always appear in the same order. The further you go the better the gear gets. You’ll only have to make it half way through the game to get the best gear. Then stores will repeat old gear starting from the beginning.

Visit our Minute Quest Wiki for more info.

This game is abnormally long. If you plan an playing with what the developer has given for option it could easily take 70-100+ hours to complete this thing. If you distribute stat points on the wrong things you may never complete it. To make things go a lot smoother and not to waste a bunch of time check out our Auto Leveling technique for rooted users.

Bosses – Every once in awhile a cave will appear with a boss at the end. These will stop progress until there defeated. The best thing to remember is that if you can take one hit without dying the boss can be defeated with patience. Your gonna need a good healing set though.

Pets – These really dont help for anything beside sets. The damage they do is pretty small. They stack so if more than one is found it will level up to a max of Lv 9.

Stats – POW is important for doing damage and penetrating defense. SPD is a must have to hit enemies. Without large amounts of SPD bosses will be hard to hit. VIT is good for taking hits and you’ll needd a good amount for the last bosses. I never found INT useful for much. I’m sure ther might be some good combos, but they were to few and far between. LUK increased to about 1000 with some good treasure combos will get pets without much of a problem.

Training - The best place to earn experience easy. Can’t get gold or drops though.

In the picture below I have only 2 bosses to go with all pets before them and all equipment.

Minute Quest Walkthrough & Guide Stats

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