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Minute Quest Treasure Castle & DropsWhen it comes to Minute Quest Treasure there are 2 options. The first are treasure boxes dropped by Monsters after you kill them. The other kind of treasure appears as a button that appears in your Castle. For more info visit the Minute Quest Wiki.

Drops – At first drops rarely appear except for Bosses which drop their Pet on the first kill. There are a couple programmed drops in the beginning to you’ll get automatically. If you want drops to show up more often you’ll have to increase your luck and use Sets with TreaUp bonuses. Sets like (TreaUp 30, TreaUp 30, TreaUp 20 = Longsword 0.3, Pirate 6.9, Mimic) will drop treasures about 1/20 with a 1000 LUK, occasional spurts with 3 or more chests per screen. At higher level the drops rates seem to increase to about 1/10 without investing in LUK.

Castle – Every once in awhile a Treasure option will appear in the beginning Castle. This seems to be triggered by fighting monster on the main path and not in Training. Inside you’ll find high level Monster without the strength or threat level of monsters in other places of the same level. This is a great place to farm for exp and gold as their worth more and hurt less.

The Bosses in these areas will always drop a chest with a random piece of equipment or their Pet. You can acquire late game gear very early in these locations. You can only have one at a time so complete it asap so you can work on spawning the next one.

To farm these location make sure not to kill the boss, then you can re-enter the Treasure area in your Castle an infinite amount of times The enemies will drops chests and gold.

Each time you trigger the Castle Treasure Dungeon the Monsters levels will be higher than before, even if you haven’t progressed further in the game. This can be used to your advantage for leveling purposes if your having a hard time moving forward. The exp seems to be capped at about 400xp per kill. Though experience boosting sets can increase gain, eventually the Training area becomes much better for level as there is no cap.
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    Fighting in training WILL trigger treasure option to be opened up. Just confirmed.

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