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Minute Quest TrainingThe Training area inside your castle is used to level up faster. You’ll have to make it to a certain distance before the option becomes available, it’s not too far. Monster are easier to kill for their level and do much less damage to the player. The only downfall is that you will not get any gold or treasure chest drops, only experience. By going into the Menu, them Info you can see your max distance traveled in Training.

Visit our Minute Quest Wiki for more info.

When you enter the Training dungeon you will start at about the max distance you made it to outside the Castle. You can also skip ahead about 20 km and fight monster worth even more exp. There are no shops or equipment change stations. You basically keep going until you die then start the processes over again. You can leave at any time by using your Magic Door inside your Items menu.

This is a great place to use Exp Farmer and ExpUp skills. They will dramatically increase the amount of experience gained. DeathMarch is another skill that’s perfect for Training. Check out our Minute Quest Skills & Sets list for more combos.

This is by far the best place to level up. You can earn more exp than you ever could outside the Castle, even if you have made it close to the end. If you reach a part where your taking a lot of damage you might want to turn around and work your way back a little. This way you can stay in the high payout area without having to work your way back again.

If you use our Auto Leveling technique for rooted devices thing get even better. Let your device do the work while you sleep or do something else. You’ll have to install another app and there might be a small learning curve, but it will help you overcome the ridiculous amount of play time needed to complete this game.

I’m not sure if there is an end to this thing. If there is it’s probably a pretty long ways out there. Folks that have completed the Minute Quest by defeating DossBoss the last boss made it to about Lv 1400. At that distance you should have no problem leveling fast.

Minute Quest Training Dungeon

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