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Minute Quest Pet & Monster GuideMinute Quest Pets & Monsters are the same thing. Every monster has a pet version that only they will drop. Bosses will drop there Pet once then will only drop equipment. Visit the Minute Quest Wiki for more info.

Pet levels max out at 9.  Every monster has a stronger version with a skull by it’s name. These will drop the same things as weaker versions, though equipment will usually be of higher grade. Most Monsters appear 3 screens in a row during the beginning. Late game monsters will appear more random but will always appear in the same screen distance.

Having 1000 LUK and using TreaUp bonuses will get you every Pet with little difficulty. TreaUp 30, TreaUp 30, TreaUp 20 = Longsword 0.3, Pirate 6.9, Mimic is very good for getting what you want when you want with a 1in8 to 1in20 drop rate with above stats.

Minute Quest Pet Monster List

Boss Locations

1.6 A5 Cannibis, Gardens
3.5 A4 Wight, Shrine
5.8 A6 OctoBlue, Seabed
9.5 A7 Devil, Ruins
11.8 A7 Volcanis, Volcano
14.5 A5 Shady, Cave
15.4 A4 Lucifer, Chez Devil
15.8 A5 LuciferX, Devil Lair
18.1 A5 Dumbo, Castle
19.9 A7 SandWyrm, Desert
21.7 A5 Peaches, Sea
25.3 A5 UFO, Sky
27.4 A5 Kong, Forest
29.8 Marshy
32.9 Resort
33.4 DossBoss, Hell

Pet, Monster, Boss, and Shop Locations

Ctrl+F = Find Word Menu
W = Weapons Shop
A = Armor Shop
B = Bathroom – Learn about current Skills and Equip
H = Healing House – Payed HP recovery and Equip
A5 Garden, Devil = Boss Dungeon Length/Name/Boss Name

0.0 Castle
0.1 Slime
0.2 Slime Antagony
0.3 Slime Antagony Hellhare W Long Sword, Knife, Fire Rod, Club, Dice
0.4 Antagony Hellhare Hotstuff
0.5 Hellhare Hotstuff Spider
0.6 Hotstuff Spider Eyeguy B
0.7 Spider Eyeguy Minibear
0.8 Eyeguy Minibear Bat
0.9 Minibear Bat Muddy A HeroArmr Rags Fabulous Magirobe Dragon
1.0 Bat Muddy Gargoyle
1.1 Muddy Gargoyle Grimmy
1.2 Gargoyle Grimmy Killabee H
1.3 Grimmy Killabee Triffid
1.4 Killabee Triffid Bulbeye
1.5 Triffid Bulbeye Giraffe W Staff, Bow, Halberd, Stick, Shuriken
1.6 Bulbeye Giraffe Harpie A5 Cannibis Lv20, Gardens
1.7 Giraffe Harpie Beetle
1.8 Harpie Beetle Treevil B
1.9 Beetle Treevi P.Shroom
2.0 Trevil P.Shroom Hellhare
2.1 P.Shroom Hellhare Stumpy A Ninja Huntrobe Shogun FrogSuit Leaf
2.2 Hellhare Stumpy Eyeguy
2.3 Stumpy Eyeguy Magman
2.4 Eyeguy Magman Cool Guy H
2.5 Magman Cool Guy Megaslug
2.6 Cool Guy Megaslug Spider
2.7 Megaslug Spider Merman W Gelblade, Flambard, Icebard, Zaplance, Eyeball
2.8 Spider Merman Sheepish
2.9 Merman Sheepish Ostrich
3.0 Sheepish Ostrich Golem B
3.1 Ostrich Golem Lavaglob
3.2 Golem Lavaglob Berserker
3.3 Lavaglob Berserker Chimera A RedArmr IronArmr Penguin Sheepy PigTails
3.4 Berseker Chimera Grimmy
3.5 Chimera Grimmy Licky A4 Wight Lv45, Shrine
3.6 Grimmy Licky Skeleton H
3.7 Licky Skeleton Zombie
3.8 Skeleton Zombie Wraith
3.9 Zombie Wraith Deathgod W Axe, Hammer, Chakram, Whip, Leek
4.0 Wraith Deathgod Undine
4.1 Deathgod Undine Mr.Germs
4.2 Undine Mr.Germs Giraffe B
4.3 Mr.Germs Giraffe Centaur
4.4 Giraffe Centaur Dragon
4.5 Centaur Dragon Gargoyle A MageRobe SumoSuit RockArmr Thief Kendo
4.6 Dragon Gargoyle Daemon
4.7 Gargoyle Daemon Golem
4.8 Daemon Golem SirSlime H
4.9 Golem SirSlime Pumpkin
5.0 SirSlime Pumpkin Dwarf
5.1 Pumpkin Dwarf Wraith W Wood Sword, Rapier, Pistol, Monk Staff, Thief Sword
5.2 Dwarf Wraith Troll
5.3 Wraith Troll Fly Eye
5.4 Troll Fly Eye Tornado B
5.5 Fly Eye Tornado Bulseye
5.6 Tornado Bulseye Eatroot
5.7 Bulseye Eatroot B.Knight A HolyRobe BuffArmr Kappa WindArmr DnaSuit
5.8 Eatroot B.Knight Megaslug A6 OctoBlue Lv80, Seabed
5.9 B.Knight Megaslug Merman
6.0 Megaslug Merman Octopus H
6.1 Merman Octopus Squid
6.2 Octopus Squid Mermaid
6.2 Squid Mermaid Wisp W BroadSwd, Flail, Icicle, Holy Water, Scythe
6.4 Mermaid Wisp Icebird
6.5 Wisp Icebird Behemoth
6.6 Icebird Behemoth Magman B
6.7 Behemoth Magman Griffon
6.8 Magman Griffon G.Slime
6.9 Griffon G.Slime Minotaur A Angel Pirate Fishy GoldArmr Squid
7.0 G.Slime Minotaur Snowman
7.1 Minotaur Snowman Oreslime
7.2 Snowman Oreslime Sorcerer H
7.3 Oreslime Sorcerer Sheepish
7.4 Sorcerer G.Slime Mudman
7.5 G.Slime Mudman Mummy W Tonfa, Mallet, Beam Sword, Lexicon, Hot Wing
7.6 Mudman Mummy Terrapin
7.7 Mummy Terrapin S.Dragon
7.8 Terrapin S.Dragon Fallen B
7.9 S.Dragon Fallen Evileye
8.0 Fallen Evileye G.Knight
8.1 Evileye G.Knight Fyrgolem A Samuraï Jacket VampCape ArabRobe HareSuit
8.2 G.Knight Fyrgolem Muddy
8.3 Fyrgolem Muddy Witcher
8.4 Muddy Witcher Dethroot H
8.5 Witcher Dethroot B.Shroom
8.6 Dethroot B.Shroom Phoenix
8.7 B.Shroom Phoenix Ahriman W Hook, Fishy Rod, Fish, Cleaver, Fork
8.8 Phoenix Ahriman Medusa
8.9 Ahriman Medusa Zombie
9.0 Medusa Zombie Zomble B
9.1 Zombie Zomble Harpie
9.2 Zomble Harpie Y.Dragon
9.3 Harpie Y.Dragon Bird A LordRobe Ribbon ChefHat Judo Cyborg
9.4 Y.Dragon Bird Beserker
9.5 Bird Beserker Blade A7 Devil, Ruins
9.6 Beserker Blade Cerberus H
9.7 Blade Cerberus Pooslime
9.8 Cerberus Pooslime Magneye
9.9 Pooslime Magneye Dethmage W Shotgun, Saw, Glove, Snake Whip, Bone Rod
10.0 Magneye Dethmage D.Knight
10.1 Dethmage D.Knight Tornado
10.2 D.Knight Tornado Satan B
10.3 Tornado Satan Scorpion
10.4 Satan Scorpion Gascloud
10.5 Scorpion Gascloud Magslime A HuntMstr Boxer WhtRobe Chicken HootSuit
10.6 Gascloud Magslime Grimmy
10.7 Magslime Grimmy Rot God
10.8 Grimmy Rot God Mask H
10.9 Rot God Mask Gremlin
11.0 Mask Gremlin U Jelly
11.1 Gremlin U Jelly Dwarf W Choc Ice, Popsicle, Bayonet, Reaper, Gold Dice
11.2 U-Jelly Dwarf Polar Bear
11.3 Dwarf Polar Bear Ostrich
11.4 Polar Bear Ostrich Dracoman B
11.5 Ostrich Dracoman Griffon
11.6 Dracoman Griffon Minotaur
11.7 Griffon Minotaur Chimera A LionHart Tuxedo Swindler Clown BoneCape
11.8 Griffon Chimera Nitemare Volcano-
11.9 Chimera Nitemare Dethroot
12.0 Nitemare Dethroot Eatroot H
12.1 Dethroot Eatroot Behemoth
12.2 Eatroot Behemoth Dragon
12.3 Behemoth Dragon Fyrgolem W 8Hander, Rattle, Strawman, Carrot, Bazooka
12.4 Dragon Fyrgolem Lavaglob
12.5 Fyrgolem Lavaglob Gascloud
12.6 Lavaglob Gascloud Phoenix B
12.7 Gascloud Phoenix Lionel
12.8 Phoenix Lionel Gold Knight
12.9 Lionel Gold Knight Nitebird A Apron Roach OgreFace Biker Ninomiya
13.0 Gold Knight Nitebird Shocker
13.1 Nitebird Shocker Zapgolem
13.2 Shocker Zapgolem Genie H
13.3 Zapgolem Genie Skellior
13.4 Genie Skellior Mummy
13.5 Skellior Mummy Snowglob W Holystaf, GolfClub, Grabber, Stungun, Crystal
13.6 Mummy Snowglob Troll
13.7 Snowglob Troll Garuda
13.8 Troll Garuda Medusa B
13.9 Garuda Medusa Skeleton
14.0 Medusa Skeleton Eyecicle
14.1 Skeleton Eyecicle Yellow Dragon A Firejig Zombie WolfSuit RedPants InvCloak
14.2 Eyecicle Yellow Dragon Violant
14.3 Yellow Dragon Violant Fly Eye
14.4 Violant Fly Eye Dracoman H
14.5 Fly Eye Dracoman Shellslime Cave-
14.6 Dracoman Shellslime Icegolem
14.7 Shellslime Icegolem Deathgod W Cocker, Scorpion, IronClaw, Katana, Card
14.8 Icegolem Deathgod Unicorn
14.9 Deathgod Unicorn Gameogre
15.0 Unicorn Gameogre Madbird B
15.1 Gameogre Madbird Eely Dan
15.2 Madbird Eely Dan Blade
15.3 Eely Dan Blade Rot God A CardBox MerTail FlySuit MoleArmr GoreArmr
15.4 Blade Rot God Blue Dragon Chez Devil-
15.5 Rot God Blue Dragon Firezard
15.6 Blue Dragon Firezard Merdine H
15.7 Firezard Merdine Gnome
15.8 Merdine Gnome Wyburn Devil Lair-
15.9 Gnome Wyburn Sakura W Hose, Defender, Darknife, Bouquet, Broom
16.0 Wyburn Sakura Slime
16.1 Sakura Slime Duoslime
16.2 Slime Duoslime Magmaslime B
16.3 Duoslime Magmaslime Pooslime
16.4 Magmaslime Pooslime G.Slime
16.5 Pooslime G.Slime Sirslime A Tights Cluck Cat Ears Priest Ballet
16.6 G.Slime Sirslime Duoslime
16.7 Sirslime Duoslime Antagony
16.8 Duoslime Antagony Deathbug H
16.9 Antagony Deathbug Yeti
17.0 Deathbug Yeti Golemech
17.1 Yeti Golemech Monkey W Scissors, Boltcane, Brush, NiteDice, Pencil
17.2 Golemech Monkey Pokey
17.3 Yeti Pokey Bubbles
17.4 Pokey Bubbles Geckoman B
17.5 Bubbles Geckoman Gremlin
17.6 Geckoman Gremlin Pooslime
17.7 Gremlin Pooslime Baal A Uniform Taoist Camo BoneSuit Trunks
17.8 Pooslime Baal G.Shroom
17.9 Baal G.Shroom P.Spider
18.0 G-Shroom P.Spider Skellior H
18.1 P.Spider Skellior Handsel A5 Dumbo, Castle
18.2 Skellior Handsel Behemoth
18.3 Behemoth Gargoyle Nitebird W MagicWnd, Lollipop, Umbrella, LaserGun, PenKnife
18.4 Behemoth Nitebird Bird
18.5 Nitebird Bird Wisp
18.6 Bird Wisp Ammonite B
18.7 Wisp Ammonite Geckoman
18.8 Ammonite Geckoman Gameogre
18.9 Geckoman Gameogre Handsel A Qipao Diviner SuperMan Onesie Tanktop
19.0 Gameogre Handsel Firezard
19.1 Handsel Firezard Lamia
19.2 Firezard Lamia Bat H
19.3 Lamia Bat Geckoman
19.4 Bat Geckoman Fly Eye
19.5 Geckoman Fly Eye Cyclops W Buster, Kunai, Set Sqr, FoxTail, Duckwhip
19.6 Fly Eye Cyclops Handsel
19.7 Cyclops Handsel Chimera
19.8 Handsel Chimera Ostrich B
19.9 Chimera Ostrich Unicorn Desert-
20.0 Ostrich Unicorn Eely Dan
20.1 Unicorn Eely Dan Bubbles A Killer Prisoner Monk Militant Afro
20.2 Eely Dan Bubbles Merman
20.3 Bubbles Merman Geckoman
20.4 Merman Geckoman Shlslime H
20.5 Geckoman Shlslime Evileye
20.6 Shlslime Evileye Dracoman
20.7 Evileye Dracoman Pokey W Cutlass, ThornWhp, TigerSwd, Halbert, AngelArw
20.8 Dracoman Pokey Pokeking
20.9 Pokey Pokeking
21.0 Pokey Pokeking Cyclops B
21.1 Pokey Cyclops Gameogre
21.2 Cyclops Gameogre Luminos
21.3 Gameogre Luminos Blade A Hockey Queenly
21.4 Luminos Blade B.Knight
21.5 Luminos B.Knight Lamia
21.6 B.Knight Lamia Cavalros H
21.7 Lamia Cavalros Fallen Sea-
21.8 Cavalros Fallen Terrapin
21.9 Fallen Terrapin Undine W
22.0 Terrapin Undine Ammonite
22.1 Merdine Ammonite Undine
22.2 Reddevil Merdine Ammonite B
22.3 Merdine Reddevil Bluedevil
22.4 Licky Reddevil Bluedevil
22.5 Mr.Germs Bluedevil Licky A
22.6 Baal Mr.Germs Licky
22.7 Centaur Mr.Germs Baal
22.8 Baal Centaur Cavalros H
22.9 Deathmage Centaur Cavalros
23.0 D.Knight Cavalros Deathmage
23.1 Sorcerer Deathmage D.Knight W
23.2 D.Knight Sorcerer Skellior
23.3 Skellior Geckoman Sorcerer
23.4 Luminos Skellior Geckoman B
23.5 Geckoman Luminos Spirit
23.6 Luminos Spirit BlackCat
23.7 Spirit BlackCat Witch
23.8 BlackCat Witch Phantom
23.9 Witch Phantom KillaBee
24.0 Phantom KillaBee Magneye H
24.1 KillaBee Magneye DeathBug
24.2 Magneye DeathBug Baal
24.3 DeathBug Baal Garuda W
24.4 Baal Garuda EvilEye
24.5 Garuda EvilEye B.Dragon
24.6 EvilEye B.Dragon Cool Guy B
24.7 B.Dragon Cool Guy Y.Dragon
24.8 Cool Guy Y.Dragon Dragon
24.9 Y.Dragon Dragon Troll A
25.0 Dragon Troll Chimera
25.1 Troll Chimera ShlSlime
25.2 Chimera ShlSlime U Jelly H
25.3 ShlSlime U Jelly IceBird A5 UFO, Sky
25.4 U Jelly IceBird Shocker
25.5 IceBird Shocker Flyme W
25.6 Shocker Flyme Harpie
25.7 Flyme Harpie Luminos
25.8 Harpie Luminos SkRaggon B
25.9 Luminos SkRaggon Fallen
26.0 SkRaggon Fallen FireZard
26.1 Fallen FireZard MadBird A
26.2 FireZard MadBird Cavalros
26.3 MadBird Cavalros GoleMech
26.4 Cavalros GoleMech HandSel H
26.5 GoleMech HandSel Balloon
26.6 HandSel Balloon G.Slime
26.7 Balloon G.Slime Medusa W
26.8 G.Slime Medusa Mermaid
26.9 Medusa Mermaid Mask
27.0 Mermaid Mask Dwarf B
27.1 Mask Dwarf Bubbles
27.2 Dwarf Bubbles Triffid
27.3 Bubbles Triffid Beetle A
27.4 Triffid Beetle Pumpkin A5 Kong, Forest
27.5 Beetle Pumpkin Undine
27.6 Pumpkin Undine Strawby H
27.7 Undine Strawby Lamia
27.8 Strawby Lamia Witch
27.9 Lamia Witch Wisp W
28.0 Witch Wisp PakuPaku
28.1 Wisp PakuPaku Cyclops
28.2 PakuPaku Cyclops RedDevil B
28.3 Cyclops RedDevil Violant
28.4 RedDevil Violant B.Shroom
28.5 Violant B.Shroom P.Spider A
28.6 B.Shroom P.Spider Flyme
28.7 P.Spider Flyme Mantis
28.8 Flyme Mantis PokeKing H
28.9 Mantis PokeKing TreEvil
29.0 PokeKing TreEvil DeathBug
29.1 TreEvil DeathBug Violant W
29.2 DeathBug Violant Lionel
29.3 Violant Lionel Scorpion
29.4 Lionel Scorpion P.Shroom B
29.5 Scorpion P.Shroom Sakura
29.6 P.Shroom Sakura Balloon
29.7 Sakura Balloon Monkey A
29.8 Balloon Monkey MiniBear A? Marshy-
30.0 H
30.3 W
30.6 B
30.9 A
31.2 H
31.5 W
31.8 B
32.1 A
32.4 H
32.7 W
32.8 Brolly Kappa Mantis
32.9 Kappa Brolly Ammonite Resort-
33 Yeti Kappa Ammonite B
33.1 Ammonite Yeti P.Spider
33.2 Yeti P.Spider Ammonite
33.3 Ammonite Pokeking P.Spider A
33.4 Pokeking Ammonite S.Dragon Hell-
33.6 H
33.7 End of Game

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