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Minute Quest Gold Farming Sets & LocationsGold is one of the most important resources in Minute Quest. Without it you won’t be able to purchase and upgrade gear. The absolute best place to earn gold is right outside the Castle. But just punching Monsters in the face isn’t going to make you rich. Visit our Minute Quest Wiki for more info.

Finding the right combos and using them in strong sets ids the key to earning tons of gold. There are 2 Skills that increase gold. The first one is Gold Digger. This one will double your gold output, but cause you to earn 1/3 of the normal experience. The next one is  called GoldUp. This one simply increase the earning from 10-40%. Using them both together would be the best decision but finding that combo can be tough.

Gold Farming Sets

GoldDigger, GoldUp40, Chance = GoldDice, Diviner EVL, Genie EVL
GoldDigger, GoldUp40, Chance = GoldDice, Mimic EVL, Genie EVL
GoldDigger, DeathMarch = Popsicle Ice, Ribbon, Zomble DAR
GoldDigger, GoldUp20, GoldUp10 = Hook, Thief, Genie 13.2-13.4
GoldDigger, TreaUp30, GoldUp30 = Hook, Thief, Mimic
GoldDigger, TreaUp30, GoldUp30 = Bouquet, Thief, Mimic

Gold Farming Locations

Castle – Outside the castle will be the best place to earn currency. The further the Distance the bigger the reward. Enemies don’t increase in value that much, but every little helps. May die less farming low to mid areas.

Treasure – This appears inside the castle every once in a while. As long as the end boss is not defeated it can be entered and exited an infinite amount of times. Monster here have high levels and low power. They are easy to defeat and worth gold equal or more to the furthest distance you’ve traveled. Each time this area is trigger the monster will be stronger than the last.

Tunnel – Travel 3 times as fast as above ground. Enemies are stronger here than anywhere else so it’s a bad place to farm.

Training – This area offers experience only so not gold can be earned here.

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