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Minute Quest Combination Combo ListMinute Quest Combinations and Combo List Sets organized by distance. Below are everything from early to late game combinations. There are a ton of combos so I have left off many of the weaker ones. Update: This post has moved to Skill & Set page.

The Random button in your Equip menu is great for finding new combos or sets. You can find the Random button in the starting Castle, Bathrooms, and Healing Houses. When you see a feature that’s good try other items to focus on bigger and better options.

1.5 = Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, or Pet location is at 1.5km. This number can also be considered a strength indicator. The number at the beginning of combos (8.2) is for equipment or pet needed that’s furthest away.

visit Skills & Sets and Minute Quest Wiki for more info.

Minute Quest Combinations & Combo List

Gold, Exp, Treasure

Because Monster exp doesn’t change with your level any spot can be good for leveling. Farming the whole length of the game would be necessary for getting all Pets. Treasure Drops can be a faster and more effective way to get equipment rather than buying.

Best place for Exp and Gold is in Treasure dungeons inside the Castle as monsters are high level, but weak and you full heal by leaving to Castle. Don’t kill boss to re-enter Treasure area an infinite amount of times.

Second best way to Farm is to go as far as you can, then stay around Healing Houses. 1000 LUK and the set TreaUp 30, TreaUp 30, TreaUp 20 = Longsword 0.3, Pirate 6.9, Mimic has about a 1 in 8 drop rate per kill at level 3447. The drop rate seems to increase with just leveling and not putting anything in LUK. I would say drop rate is on the edge of too fast and not enough.

Discovery – OreKing, Mimic, and Dr.Gill appear more.
Exp Farmer – x2 Exp, but no Gold. Works good in Trainer were you get no gold to begin with.
ExpUp x% – Exp+ 10-40%
GoldDigger – Doubles gold output, but reduces Exp gain to 1/3.
GoldUp – Increases Gold gained from each kill by 10-30%.
Luck Up – Raise Luck about 50%.
Provoke – Five monsters appear in all areas but dungeons.
TreaUp – Raises chance to find treasure chest drops from monster by 10-30%

  • Discovery, TreaUp30 = FoxTail EAR, Cat Ears, Mimic EVL
  • Discovery, Chance, Recovery10 = Dice, Queenly, P.Spider
  • Exp Farmer, ExpUp30, Luck Up, = Card, Onesie, Hellhare
  • Exp Farmer, ExpUp30 = Bouquet EAR, Afro, UFO LGT
  • Exp Farmer, DeathMarch, Expup20 = Bouquet Ear, Afro, Zomble DAR
  • Exp Farmer, ExpUp20, Night Owl = Brush WTR, HootSuit DAR, SirSlime
  • Exp Farmer, ExpUp10, DeathMarch = MonkStaf LGT, WhtRobe, Zomble DAR
  • Exp Farmer, ExpUp10 = MonkStaf LGT, WhtRobe, Skeleton DAR
  • Exp Farmer, Recovery10 = MonkStaf LGT, WhtRobe, Spirit DAR
  • GoldDigger, GoldUp40, Chance = GoldDice, Diviner EVL, Genie EVL
  • GoldDigger, GoldUp40, Chance = GoldDice, Mimic EVL, Genie EVL
  • GoldDigger, DeathMarch = Popsicle Ice, Ribbon, Zomble DAR
  • GoldDigger, GoldUp20, GoldUp10 = Hook, Thief, Genie 13.2-13.4
  • GoldDigger, TreaUp30, GoldUp30 = Hook, Thief, Mimic
  • GoldDigger, TreaUp30, GoldUp30 = Bouquet, Thief, Mimic
  • Provoke, Recovery2, ExpUp10 = Hot Wing, Boxer, SirSlime 4.8-5.0
  • Luck Up, GoldUp20, TreaUp10 = Hook, Pirate, Genie
  • TreaUp 30, TreaUp 30, TreaUp 20 = Longsword 0.3, Pirate 6.9, Mimic

HP Recovery

Absorption – Each hit recovers Damage/100 HP. Doesn’t go over max.
Healer – Gain current HP regen per hit.
Recovery – Sets HP regen per second out of battle. Max 10 x 3 slots.
Scapegoat – When killed your pet dies instead giving you half HP. Pet is not gone for good, but must be equipped again.

  • Absorption, SuperMach = VampCape DAR, Pokey EAR, ThiefSwd DAR
  • Absorption, Paralyse = VampCape DAR, Baal, ThiefSwd DAR
  • Absorption, Cursed = VampCape DAR, HandSel DAR, ThiefSwd DAR
  • Absorption, CritUp40 = Scythe, Queenly, Unicorn LGT
  • Absorption, Reflect, MGaurdUp40 = AngelArm LGT, Queenly, Unicorn LGT
  • Absorption, DeathMarch, ScapeGoat = VampCape DAR, Zomble DAR, ThiefSwd DAR
  • Absorption, Recovery 10, PowUp20 = VampCape DAR, Bat DAR, ThiefSwd DAR
  • Recovery10, Recovery10 = Hot Wing FIR, Trunks WTR, MadBird FIR
  • Recovery10, Recovery10 = Hot Wing FIR, Trunks WTR, Ostrich
  • Recovery10, Recovery10 = Hot Wing FIR, Fishy WTR, Ostrich
  • 8.2 Recovery10, TreaUp20 = MonkStaf 5.1, SumoSuit 8.2, SirSlime 4.8-5.0
  • Recovery10, SuperMech = Bouquet, Queenly, P.Spider
  • Recovery10, DeathMarch = Popsicle ICE, Apron, Zomble DAR
  • Recovery10, Recovery5, CritUp40 = Lollipop, Fabulous, Slime
  • Recovery10, Recovery5, AccUp30 = Popsicle ICE, Apron, Baal
  • Recovery10, Recovery5, MGaurdUp30 = HolyWtr WTR, Kappa WTR, Undine

Attack & Magic Power DPS

Acrobat – Speed increases damage.
CritUp x% – Critical Hits chance 10-40%
Paralyse – Stun enemies for 3 seconds per 1/5? Hits.
Poison – Hurts monster over time.

  • Acrobat, ArmTwister = Shuriken, Tights, Spider
  • PowUp40, PowUp30, PowUp30 = Scorpion, Killer, Behemoth

Defense & Evasion

ArmTwister – Pow increases Evasion
BigDefense – All incoming damage reduced by ½, very slow walk speed.
BodySlam – Vit ups Damage.
Guts – Hp is always reduce to 1 before death. One use per life.
MagiWall – Magic damage reduced by 50%
Wall – Physical damage reduced by 50%
Reflect – Counter all attacks. Goes with Retaliate – Counters never miss.
SpdUp x% – Increase Evasion by %, 50% max
Stinky – Monsters appear less

  • ArmTwister, Acrobat = Shuriken, Tights, Spider
  • MagiWall, MGaurdUp40 = AngelArm LGT, Queenly, Garuda ELE

Speed & Accuracy

AccUp x% – Accuracy increases by 10-40%
Analysis – Accuracy Up, amount?
Dash – Fast fixed move speed that ignores weight.
DeathMarch – Player automatically walks forward toward facing direction until dead or stopped by Castle or The End.
DemonDash – Fast fixed move speed that ignores weight, faster than SuperDash.
SuperMach – Attack speed about x3
Unfair – Accuracy increases about 100%

  • DeathMarch, Mach Hit, DemonDash = Scorpion, Zombie DAR, Zomble DAR
  • SuperMach, Recovery10, PowUp30 = Fish WTR, Squid WTR, Squid WTR
  • SpdUp30, SpdUp30, SpdUp30 = Cleaver, InvCloak, SirSlime
  • SpdUp30, SpdUp30, SpdUp30 = AngelArw LGT, Ribbon, Bird LGT
  • SpdUp30, SpdUp20, SpdUp30 = Cleaver, InvCloak, Chimera ELE
  • SpdUp30, SpdUp20, SpdUp30 = Cleaver, InvCloak, Octopus WTR
  • SpdUp30, SpdUp20, SpdUp30 = Cleaver, InvCloak, Satan EVL
  • SpdUp30, SpdUp20, SpdUp30 = Cleaver, InvCloak, MadBird FIR
  • SpdUp40, SpdUp20, CritUp30 = Ironclaw, Qipao, Garuda ELE

Negative Skills

Slow Hits – Slows your hit rate and gives no benefit.

Feel free to leave your Skill Combinations in the comments and I’ll add them after verification. Currently playing for more combos (need 4 Pets) and will update with locations, Power, Defense, and Weight stats, then sorted by distance of furthest item least to greatest.

Update: This post has moved to Skill & Set page.

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