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Minute Quest Boss Set Distance GuideBelow is a Minute Quest Boss Guide with helpful Sets, Builds, and Distance locations. If you can survive 1 hit any Boss can be beaten with patience. More HP recover will speed up the waiting process. Some builds can rely on Evasion rather than Tanking. HP will regen as long as the app isn’t closed so you can do other things, then come back for another tick of damage and repeat.

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Boss Locations

1.6 A5 Cannibis, Gardens
3.5 A4 Wight, Shrine
5.8 A6 OctoBlue, Seabed
9.5 A7 Devil, Ruins
11.8 A7 Volcanis, Volcano
14.5 A5 Shady, Cave
15.4 A4 Lucifer, Chez Devil
15.8 A5 LuciferX, Devil Lair
18.1 A5 Dumbo, Castle
19.9 A7 SandWyrm, Desert
21.7 A5 Peaches, Sea
25.3 A5 UFO, Sky
27.4 A5 Kong, Forest
29.8 Vulpus, Marshy
32.9 King, Resort
33.4 DossBoss, Hell

Sets for Bosses

  • Absorption, Recovery 10, PowUp20 = VampCape DAR, Bat DAR, ThiefSwd DAR
  • Recovery10, Recovery10 = Hot Wing FIR, Trunks WTR, MadBird FIR
  • Recovery10, Recovery10 = Hot Wing FIR, Trunks WTR, Ostrich
  • Recovery10, Recovery10 = Hot Wing FIR, Fishy WTR, Ostrich
  • 8.2 Recovery10, TreaUp20 = MonkStaf 5.1, SumoSuit 8.2, SirSlime 4.8-5.0
  • Recovery10, SuperMech = Bouquet, Queenly, P.Spider
  • Recovery10, DeathMarch = Popsicle ICE, Apron, Zomble DAR
  • Recovery10, Recovery5, CritUp40 = Lollipop, Fabulous, Slime
  • Recovery10, Recovery5, AccUp30 = Popsicle ICE, Apron, Baal
  • Recovery10, Recovery5, MGaurdUp30 = HolyWtr WTR, Kappa WTR, Undine

Builds that have beaten DossBoss
Minute Quest DossBoss Build

ArmTwister, SpdUp30, SpdUp30 = Scissors, InvCloak, OreSlime + 3 Rise Up
Lv13,606 POW27,789 SPD29,929 VIT151 INT161 LUK10,000 HP755 ATK 166,734 DEF286 MOV44,394 EX370,220,369 PlayTime4384m (73hrs) Distance24.7 DossBoss Kill Time 4261m (71hrs)

Points spent on Luck were wasted. A 1,000 or less LCK and this set TreaUp 30, TreaUp 30, TreaUp 20 = Longsword 0.3, Pirate 6.9, Mimic will get you about 1/20 drops per kill. The drop rate increases to 1/8 and better late game for some reason with out investing more in LUK.

If you want your build shown here send us some pics and we’ll make ya famous.

Minute Quest Boss Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats

Auto Farming Gold, Exp, Items, Pets – This Minute Quest Cheat is gonna help you tons. Installing an app called HiroMacro Auto-Touch will let you mimic touching motions on rooted devices. For none rooted users you can use the DeathMarch skill which automatically walks your player forward toward it’s facing direction until dead or stopped by Castle or The End. This cheat is like adding a forth more advanced DeathMarch Skill to every combination. I will call it LifeMarch.

With Hiro, simply record yourself moving forward to a safe distance, then return to your Castle. Now you can replay this motion loop and choose the number of re-plays. The next time you come back to your device you’ll be richer and buffer. You should check once in a while to see if you have a Treasure option in your Castle as you can only have one at a time. Things also might get lagy after awhile and is fixed with a restart of app.

Starting from the beginning and going as far as possible is good for farming gear, gold and Pets. Setting the motion point to stay in high experience areas is much better for farming exp.

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