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Minute Quest Best WeaponTechnically the Minute Quest Best Weapon would be the AngelArw because it’s the last one to unlock. But since AngelArw has close to no good combos there are many better options you can use much earlier. Below I’ve listed the Weapons with attack power of 40 and over. For more info visit our Minute Quest Wiki.

The biggest factor in most sets is the Pet. Many Weapon and Armor combos only produce 1 Skill. Adding a compatible Pet will produce 1 0r 2 more skills and is where the real magic happens. It can also push of the second skill produced by a Weapon and Armor combo while adding 2 new ones.

Distance/Name/Element/Type/Attack Power
17.1 Scissors Normal Stab 44
19.5 Buster Normal Stab 48
19.5 Set Sqr Normal Bash 42
19.5 Duckwhip Normal Bash 40
20.7 Cutlass Normal Stab 46
20.7 TigerSwd Normal Stab 47
20.7 Halbert Normal Stab 50
20.7 AngelArw Light Jab 34

The only build I’ve seen so far to beat the end boss DossBoss was with the Scissors. For some reason it seems like higher level gear has worse set stats. The attack and defense power is the best, but the dev seemed to level things out by putting most of the really good combos on the lower level stuff. I find this a little saddening as most games let me be big and bad with the best gear. Oh how I’ve been spoiled.

Strength isn’t always the best option. If you haven’t notice you’ll have to be well over level 10,000 to beat the end Boss and that would take many hours of walking back and fourth. Experience bonus  will speed up the process greatly, but the gear usually has very low stat. like the Card for example, it starts with 1 attack power and makes some of the best Exp boosting sets.

What you equip can vary greatly on your build like where you put you stat points. LUK shouldn’t go too far past 1000 as with good gear you’ll get all the Pets easy. VIT doesn’t need to go past 20,000 unless your trying to survive a hit from the end guy which is big, but I’m not sure what it is yet. Choose POW or INT based on your attacking preference. SPD is a must and you’ll need around 80,000+ to not get hit by DossBoss. You can invest much less into SPD and use skill to boost it like ArmTwister and SpdUp.
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