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Minute Quest Best CombosIf you are looking for the Minute Quest Best Combo there are many. Combo efficiency can change greatly with different stat builds. You can check out our growing Skills & Sets List or follow the steps below to find the goods one that aren’t listed.

The higher tier the Weapons and Armor the stronger a skill will be. In many cases max skill levels seem to have lower strength skills that pair with it in sets. The opposite is also true with there being great combos with low level gear.

Since there only 10 save spots for Sets you can write down or take screen shots of them for future reference. Visit our Minute Quest Wiki for more info.

Minute Quest Best Combos

Since there are so many combos that vary usefulness between build we cant possibly list them all. Below I’ll show you how to find combos specific to your build or what your looking for.

1. View our Skill List so you know whats out there and what you might need.

2. Download or view this Weapon and Armor Combination Spreadsheet. Use Ctrl+F to find the specific skill you need, then choose find all for an easy to navigate list. Ctrl+H to find things if your just viewing the spreadsheet. Whoever made this didn’t put down a second skill if there was one from Weapon and Armor combos. The second skill can be pushed off and completely change when an added pets give 2 skills to a set.

3. Equip the Weapons and Armor for the desired Skill set above, then equip pets one at a time to see what extra benefits will work for you. Its a good idea to select none for your Pet when trying step 1 and 2 for accurate Weapon and Armor results.

With the 3 steps above you should be able to find the best combo for your build. In the end there are a ton of combinations with many of them being useless or too weak. You can also try switching out different pieces once finding something good to see if something better is available.
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