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Minute Quest Auto LevelMinute Quest can be an extremely long potentially taking hundreds of hours. Thankfully there is an Auto Level technique so you can gain gold, items, and experience.If your looking for info on the in game Auto Level button, basically what that does is distribute your level up stat points automatically. You should also adjust this setting for the below info.

To do this your gonna need a rooted device. It might be a little confusing in the beginning, but it’s super easy once you get things down. This will also work for other apps so feel free to think outside the box.

None rooted users only option is the DeathMarch skill which will move you forward automatically until you die. You will then have to exit the Castle manually to start the process again. Though not ideal it’s better than nothing.

Visit our Minute Quest Wiki for more info.

First you’ll need to install an app called HiroMacro Auto-Touch. There are many other apps like this one, but this is the one that I use and it gets the job done. What this app does is record whatever finger motions you use on your device and plays them back. After starting the app use the volume down key to start and stop recording.

HiroMacro Minute Quest Auto Leveling

Next go as far as you can without dying, then come straight back and stop recording. A neat feature of this app is that it can repeat the motion more times than you’d need and one recordings all you’ll need. Now play the recorded motions and watch you character take off like he has a mind of his own. After a nights worth of leveling your gonna have to start the recording at a further distance as you should be able to handle stronger Monsters.

For gold and items I equip my best Skills to boost the earnings of each and head outside the Castle. The Discovery skill and Hiro go well together as the OreKing, Mimic, and Dr.Gill pets are a pain to get with manual gameplay. I found the best time to use this technique was at night while I slept.

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